Here is some Terms & Condition of use

For the benefit of our clients, partners, and user, we have set, some terms and conditions to follow, through which you will be able to use the services without any fear of fraud. We aim to help you raise funds for your projects and avoid any fraudulent activity or misuse of services.

By using our services, you agree to the following terms.

• We allow only one account per person so that our website will not be rushed, and everyone can be given an equal chance.

• On your profile you can post only one project at a time. This if for other entrepreneurs to utilize this opportunity as well.

• You can share your story on any social media account and invite friends on our page to take a look at your project.

• There is a unlimited funding option per project, and the amount varies for different projects.

• You can withdraw the funds when it reaches a specific minimum amount.

• 1% fee is charged from the funding you get.

The money granted to you in the form of funds and donations is of investors and partners; we only provide you a platform to connect investors with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Operations that will get you suspended or banned

• If you breach the terms and policy of our website at any time after signing up, you will be suspended.

• In case of usage of machinery to converse with system or attempt of fraud.

• Posting adult content instead of beneficial projects.

• Any act that is detrimental to the privacy of the website and its members.

• In case of any attempt to hack any account.

Our terms and privacy stated that we are allowed to suspend or ban your account in case of breach and any fraudulent activity or any related matter in which we deem that you might be held responsible, without notifying you.

Eligibility criteria for owning an account


• You must be over 18 years old.

• Any child under the age of 13 is not allowed to have an account, and in case of recognition, the account will be suspended abruptly.

• A teenager over 13 but under 18 years of age is allowed to make an account under the supervision of an adult. If the case of recognition of the fact otherwise, the information of the account holder will be deleted.

• If you want to make anonymous funding, then you might discuss with admin of the site because we post the name and necessary information of the person providing the fund.

Rules to follow in case of refund and cancellation

• If you are a partner or a client, to refund or cancel the partnership, you need to contact our support services or send up as email regarding the issue. Within 28 days, the amount will be refunded. The cost that we will deduct from your amount is the transaction fee and the donation fee.

• If you are a donor, you can contact us through email or helpline for cancellation or refund, and we will pay you the amount back within 48 hours, although the amount that has been settled cannot be refunded or canceled.

Account information protection


You need to follow a few precautions to keep your account, funds, and personal information safe.

• Whenever you are not using your account, sign out.

• Do not share your password with a third-party.

• In case it seems like your account is being used for fraudulent activities, contact us as soon as possible.

• If you use your account for any wrong purpose, you will be held fully responsible for it and all funding will be withdrawn.

Our terms and policy state that at any time, we can change, modify, or update our website, funding policy, terms of policy, and privacy rules. If any significant change takes place, you will be notified through email or a notice on site whenever you log in to your account. If you keep using the services after the nice has been shown, it is deemed that you agree with the amended terms.