Helmet With GPS, Music, And Calls Ride Safe With HEAD-UP Display


Created by ex-BMW & Airbus optics and photonics PhD engineers. EyeRide is a Patented all-in-one device that combines head-up display, GPS, hands-free kit and voice command to keep your eyes on the road. Save 4.2 seconds* of reaction time while using HUD technology instead of a smartphone. * French Public Safety Organization Metrics.  




 EyeRide already passed US, EU & CA regulations to make sure you get the protection you need while riding. The safety you can trust.  

We launched our first product in 2017. Since then we collected more than 3000 backer's feedback. Helmet compatibility. Riding content. EyeRide is made of the very best of customer's experiences and our team industrialization's expertise.   



Stay Focused! EyeRide displays Google Maps and Plans in your line of sight. It is bright, it is transparent, so you can focus on riding curves. Our 55mm 99dB flat speakers and directional microphone ensure a powerful sound experience and connectivity with other riders. Spotify & Youtube music are available in order to keep your best vibes.  



 We integrated the smallest Nano HD SONY OLED Technology. True Black means 100% image transparency and crisp colors. It brings 3000 nits brightness: that’s 3x better than your iPhone against the sun. 



We've dramatically reduced the size of the device, so it fits perfectly in any helmet and is truly easy to set-up. You will only need 128 seconds to install EyeRide in your helmet.   


Place the smallest 5.0 Bluetooth button on your handlebar and change your music from any apps. 2 years autonomy. Stick it directly wherever you want. 



Super limited full option pack. The first custom-fit carbon helmet. Lighter (1,1kg). Share your exact morphology later. This helmet is not available in the U.S yet. Empowered with EyeRide head-up display. Controlled with a handlebar push.  







Since our first launch in 2016, we've brought 2 head-up display on the market (1 for motorcycles and 1 for cars). Based on our experience, we've selected world-class partners to reduce production time and deliver the best product quality.   


NEW UPDATE: our production IS ON TIME!!

Proud to share some backstage secrets of our optic production: prism is made of a fully automated optical molding process within a cleanroom.

When we launched our first product in 2016 we were 3... Today we're 18 and our team is made up of optical PhDs, world-class engineers, software developers and designers who have worked for Peugeot (Car Manufacturer), Intel, Parrot, or for firefighters on products like the Oakley Radar Pace and the Intel Vaunt smart glasses.

Since our first product, we’ve worked very hard on improving every aspect of our company. We’ve hired multigenerational talented people from all over the world. We draw on their differences, their culture and how they think to create the most successful product for biker safety.