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My name is Eric Bostwick and I am taking on single use plastic. 

While re-filling reusable water bottles is the most eco-friendly answer to our growing rate of single use water consumption, I know that this isn’t always an option — thirst doesn’t always strike at the most convenient of times. 

After learning of the high rates of mismanagement regarding recycling plastic bottles, and then finding out that 70% of all aluminum that has ever been mined continues to be in circulation, I knew that aluminum water was the next best thing.

In an effort to change our outlook towards bottled water, I have founded Wonder, a spring water brand that comes in an aluminum bottle which offers ease of use while still being much more sustainable than plastic. 

As a brand, Wonder is so much more than a water company — it is a way of life. At Wonder, we are constantly looking for solutions, living in curiosity, and removing fear. Join us on our mission to take on plastic and make drinking water more full of wonder.

I am looking to raise $75,000. This is going to purchase the printed bottles and caps, filling of the sparkling and still spring water, boxes, and marketing/sales material.

$25 gets you one case of either still or sparkling water.

$50 gets you two of the first cases of either still or sparkling water.

$100 gets you two of the first cases of either still or sparkling water plus a Wonder baseball hat.

$250 gets you 5 cases mix and match of still and sparkling water plus a Wonder baseball hat and t-shirt.

$500 gets you one case of water (still or sparkling) per month for a year plus a Wonder baseball hat, T-shirt, and tote.

$1,000 gets you a year supply of Wonder! That is one case of still and one case of sparkling per month for a whole year. You’ll get all the other fun merch too. Wonder baseball hat, t-shirt, and tote.

You can also support Wonder by sharing this campaign with friends, family, and anyone interested in helping build a brand that believes in creating solutions for a cleaner future.

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