Way For Lesting Happiness! Journey Of A Man Who Study In Dharma


I decided to study Dharma in order to become a better person and to be of benefit in society. The way to happiness is in the service of the happiness of others.


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My name is Vlad, 27 years old, born and raised near Bucharest, Romania. I moved to Austria almost four months ago, in Tashi Rabten Monastery, one of the first Buddhist Centers established in Europe.

I have been given the rare opportunity to study here, for at least the next years to come. I've started learning Tibetan language, and I attend regular classes with other novice young students, as well as with monks of different nationalities. Due to the kindness and patience of my teacher and classmates, I am very happy that I know a little about how to read and write in Tibetan, and I feel very enthusiastic about learning new things every day.

„I am raising money to cover the necessary costs for my first years of study here. The study program includes various aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, like Philosophy, Psychology, Meditation, Logic, Ethics, Right Conduct, Right View, and so on.”

Life in Austria is a lot more expensive than life in Romania – and even though I have worked in Romania and saved money for the expenses, I still need more, to cover for the essential necessities such as food, accommodation, health insurance, etc. For the first 3 years of staying here, I still need a total of 8000 euros. All the studies, teachings and courses I receive here are free, I pay only for the necessities! The final Goal is bigger namely to pay for the website and bank fees (around 800 eur), to cover some of the perks : book, prayer flags, software, mantra CD, etc. - estimated at 600 eur, and to pay for postal expenses for the delivery of the rewards - estimated at 600 eur.

If I Exceed my Goal, that money will go for advance payment to cover the remaining costs and the rest of the study program. I will also invite all the members of the Monastery to dinner to celebrate the power of random acts of kindness.

„Of course, I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not own a car and so on, so this money will be spent only for my studies!”

This is the first time ever that I’m reaching out to the public for help, but right now I feel the strong call to advance with my studies. You are not only helping a young man accomplish his studies, but you are also wishing for a better world, for continued wisdom and awakening!

Through my knowledge assimilated here, I will have the chance to share this wisdom with others, when I return to Romania, by founding a center for Buddhist studies in my country, translating Tibetan texts into Romanian language, organizing teachings and other events with Tibetan Masters and so on... Help me make this happen!

Why Austria? At the moment, we don’t have a fully developed Buddhist Center in Romania, where I could learn the Tibetan Language and Buddhism (or Dharma), and where I could find qualified teachers - therefore I got the chance to come here.

You can find out more from the pitch trailer video or from the detailed description below. I know the trailer is not perfect and my English is faulty. For this reason, I do apologize for my ignorance when it comes to issues like this. I hope this clumsy beginning will lay the foundation for great deeds for myself and others!

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It all started with asking myself: "Who am I?", "What am I doing here?”, „What is the purpose of life?” . I am sure that most of you, at least once in your life, have come across these questions… ;-) In the past years, I’ve been contemplating this more and more. I believe that for me, everything intensified after the big tsunami, in Japan, March 2011. Shortly after the devastating earthquake, I resigned from the job I had back then in order to find a different approach to life..

Watching live images of the tsunami wave and how everything was crushed by it, something changed deep inside me, and I realized how impermanent and precious life is, and how we can lose everything in just a few seconds. We can see this very clearly also just by thinking about the Typhoon Haiyan disaster zone in Philippines. Hence, after the tsunami in Japan, I strongly looked for a new way to live. Soon, I started volunteering for a spiritual center in Bucharest, called Seeds for Happiness, and then I worked as a PR Manager within the Herald Publishing House, which prints fundamental wisdom books from all spiritual traditions in the world, psychology, philosophy, and so on.

Getting in touch with the spiritual center and the publishing house was a true blessing, and eventually through meaningful encountering with wise men and great books, I did manage to find an answer to one of the questions I had: „What is the purpose of life?” I deeply believe that attaining true happiness is the birthright and the purpose of every being in this world, and in any world whatsoever.

„Then I asked myself, what is real happiness? How can we be happy? What are the causes of it? How can we overcome our sufferings and dissatisfactions?”

Nowadays, everything develops fast, in all domains: technology, economy, science, traveling, Internet, etc. Due to this accelerating process, we are able to do more and more. Normally, we may think that all these should increase our happiness… but paradoxically, it seems that something is certainly missing in our lives. No matter how much we develop, build, possess, earn, buy, travel, and so on… something is lacking.

It seems that all the things we own are useless as long as we still live with an unhappy mind and an unsatisfied heart. What are we really missing? I think that, somewhere along the way, we have failed to understand the real causes of happiness and wisdom that can show us how we can move forward, as spiritually happy human beings.

Where can we find the means for long lasting happiness and for transforming ourselves in this way? In my case, I found them described in the Lord Buddha’s teachings.

„I was very curios to understand why His Holiness Dalai Lama is always so happy and at ease and, in general, why do Tibetan people smile most of the time, even though many of them are living in poor and harsh conditions...”

„I wanted the same things in my life – and who doesn't? Thus, for me, the methods shown by the Lord Buddha are extremely valuable for truly seeking happiness and overcoming suffering. This is what suits me, and what fuels my spiritual quest for the meaning of life.”

I want to mention that I was born in a Christian country and family, and I respect Jesus just as I've learned, ever since I was a child. I respect all religions and all spiritual traditions, their role and the value they bring to people’s lives, and I firmly believe that there is a way to happiness for every seeker. I also want to mention that in search of meaning in life and happiness, I've done a lot of mistakes that I regret, but now I can learn from all of this.

„As a young person, with so many temptations nowadays I got involved in many negative actions such as: taking drugs, drinking alcohol, lying to my parents and so on... It's hard to look back in the past, but now I have this great opportunity to learn from all these mistakes and make it right!”

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Studying in Tashi Rabten Monastery, I will be able to learn directly compassionate and wise methods to solve my own and other beings’ problems, so that we all reach lasting happiness and freedom. At the moment, I lack the wisdom to do so, and because life is short and impermanent, I need a proper context for my mind and heart to grow.

In many of the scriptures, Buddha is called The Great Physician or Doctor, because his aim was to cure all ills of mind and body, that inevitably generate suffering, and so his teachings are even set out like an ancient Indian doctor's diagnosis of disease and suffering and his prescription for its remedy. Now I feel inspired by this Great Doctor, and I aspire to discover a “medicine” that can cure me and others.

In order to understand this remedy, I must study hard and for a long period of time. Just like a young student who aspires to become a physician – hI understand that this requires many years of study and practice before being able to apply the teachings and helping other people to cure, for example in a hospital.

This is the reason for which I put myself in front of the others in the previous enumerations: in order to help and cure others, I must first learn to help and cure myself.

To help me during my studies, please click the big pink button at the top or bottom of this page that says: CONTRIBUTE NOW. When you do that, you'll be able to enter the amount you'd like to contribute. You can donate with a credit card or PayPal. In exchange for your support, you'll also be able to choose some very interesting rewards. Check out some PERKS BELOW, for more details they're all listed on the right, so just pick your favorite :)

This is an we prepared for you! You can watch, in exclusivity, interviews, see the monastic life and how do young people and monks study together.

„Giving and receiving builds a sincere bond between people. May this bond of affection and support between us be well cemented and may it bring us spiritual health, prosperity and long lasting happiness. I thank you very much for your heartfelt support.”
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I Still need 200 euro per month to pay only for food and accommodation = 7200 euro for 3 full years, plus 300 euro for health insurance. I already have the rest of the money. 

I also need books such as these below, estimated at 500 euros:

Through learning Tibetan, I will be able to study and support Dharma better. For those who wish to donate or to offer personally the volumes, please contact me on my email: „This is my motivation, that’s why I am here! I did not run from a different way of life, I ran towards a way of life that can be meaningful and helpful both for me and for many others.”

Extensive research published in leading scientific journals demonstrates that the powerful effect of practicing Buddhist techniques such as mindfulness, meditation or reciting mantras has a calming, “spill-over” effect in the surrounding population. When individuals are engaged in the practice of meditation or together in groups, the research demonstrated a dramatic and immediate reduction in environment societal stress, crime, violence, and conflict—and an increase in coherence, positivity, and peace in society as a whole.

By donating to my cause you are helping me become a better individual in society, and indirectly helping the world become a better place. When the moment comes, I will return to Romania to share with others what I've learned by founding a  fully developed buddhist center and study center.

„Practicing Dharma increases the good qualities within a person. Think now, what would happen if many people in our society would have a more peaceful mind and heart? How would that impact our society? :)”

I understand that not everyone can afford to contribute, but you would be helping me so much just by letting others know about my campaign.
I believe that amazing things happen when people join forces!