Venice Inspired ECO Friendly Shoewear Light


Flabelus - Gondoliers in Venice
Venice Aquarelle - Author @Esperanza_illustrations
Flabelus - Versatile
Flabelus - Spring - Summer Collection 2020. Author @Esperanza_illustrations
Flabelus - Colours

Risks and Challenges

The last 2 months have been an incredible rollercoaster, full of learnings. The first challenge was to find the suppliers in Spain at a very low cost together with the right partnership in Venetia. The second challenge was to agree on timeframes and production which meant everything needed to be closed in a month. We made it! A dream is coming true. I need to reach summer 2020 with already a great support coming from kickstarter investors, so that I can continue producing and I can start delivering worldwide. I understand and acknowledge that no project comes without risks and challenges. Despite my planning, there are circumstances that may be out of my control. If we are met with these, I promise to communicate with full transparency to you.