Nano Shopping Bags Convenient To Carry In Your Pocket


This project was inspired by the countless unnecessary single use plastic bags we received. Unable to find a premium reusable 'carry-everywhere' alternative that we could easily keep in our pocket, we decided to create the ultimate portable shopping bag ourselves.



After 4 successful campaigns and 17k+ pledges fulfilled to backers all over the world, we're excited to share our latest project with you:  

Nanobag 3.0

The ultimate reusable shopping bag

Ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-foldable. You won't believe how small these premium shopping bags pack. These tiny shopping bags are convenient to carry in your pocket at all times, are super comfortable to carry, and easily carries 66lbs (30kg).













Wouldn't it be nice to always have a comfortable bag handy?

We consume somewhere between 1 trillion to 500 billion of plastic bags per year, and it’s an unnecessary waste. Reusable bags are great for the environment, but normally they’re bulky or poor quality. Nanobag 3.0 is a premium shopping bag so compact that you'll barely feel carrying it. The compact super-soft fabric easily folds into your pocket, and does away with impractical reusable shopping bags.


Here are all the designs you can choose from.

See our FAQ for info on sizes etc. For our add-on bags, you can add these to your order in the check-out. You need to buy at least one patterned Nanobag 3.0 to be able to add it to your order.














The Nanobag 3.0 can easily carry 66lbs (30kgs) 












18 liters of space should be enough to cover your daily needs












The Nanobag 3.0 even fits in the watch pocket of your jeans.












The soft fabric makes it easy to fit the Nanobag 3.0 back in the pouch. 











The reinforced handles distributes the weight evenly for comfortable use.












The bag is so compact and soft that you won't notice even carrying it in your pocket.


We’ll plant one tree per bag 

We're committed to making you a climate positive product. That means that we give more back to the planet than we take. We consider our bags environmentally conscious, as they contain less materials than other bags in their category and help reduce single use plastic bag consumption. This time we’re also stepping up our tree planting efforts further. For each bag we sell we’ll plant one mangrove tree with the Eden Reforestation Project. Mangrove trees are one of the most effective tools against climate change, and stores ten times more carbon than land based tree species. Mangroves take the carbon out of the air and bind it to the ground, thus preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere. One single mangrove tree can store around 1750lbs (800kg) in its 40 year lifespan.  As an added bonus they prevent soil erosion and help sustain coastal ecosystems.












We'll plant one Mangrove tree per bag sold with Eden Reforestation Projects. 


Commitment to excellence

We're committed to creating high-quality products that you'll love. The bags are made with premium custom made fabrics and we've put in place a thorough quality-control and testing process to make sure you receive a great final product. We guarantee that your bags will be of excellent quality.



We offer FREE International registered shipping to backers pledging for 4 bags and above. All parcels will be shipped with tracked air mail.


The team:

Tiptop Things are a group of friends working together to infuse everyday items with premium quality and cutting edge technology.  Nanobag 3.0 is our fifth Kickstarter campaign, and you might have seen our earlier Nanobag and Air Deck campaigns. Our mission is to make quality premium products that you will love.


Why do we need your support?

We can't do this without you. The funds we raise here will go towards producing our custom made fabric, printing and stitching the bags as well as logistics.