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Overview There's a little wonder you are working on now, it's the computer! Having a computer at home started only in 1977 and really took off in the 80s. I'm sure you still remember your first computer, the magic of that unknown thing. At the HomeComputerMuseum in the Netherlands we have literally hundreds of computers and best of it, they are all working and ready for our visitors to play with. We also have great stories about them and about their owner and we like to share it with the entire world! The HomeComputerMuseum The HomeComputerMuseum is a non-profit organization in the Netherlands (Dutch: Culturele ANBI-status, US: 501(c)(3) ) Our Mission: Preserve and share the history of the home computer for and with current and future generations. We achieve this by 1 - 500m2 Interactive museum in the city of Helmond, in the Brainport Region in central Benelux. Providing not only working and playable computers from 1975 - 2005 but also an atmosphere from the era the computer was created. Sharing information about computers and background stories via our website and our tour, educate the history of the computer for schools and give nostalgic feelings to the visitors to remember their first computer. 2 - Providing repairs for both old and new computers and selling (retro)computers and retro computer parts for a fair price. 3 - Providing care for people with autism and otherwise challenged people with expanding their social and technical skills by giving them a safe, stress-free and friendly work space and discover new possibilities for them to eventually return to a normal work environment. 4 - Renting out retro computers for movies, series, commercials and any other place that needs a working and good looking retro computer. What We Need The HomeComputerMuseum houses an unique collections of hundreds of computers and even more stories about these computers. Stories you can't find on the internet (yet), stories told by directors, managers, employees and users of all these computers. Stories we like to share to the world and we've choosen the live stream to do so. Despite us having the material for it and that's where IndieGoGo came along! We've set a few goals. When we reach €125: We'll simply stream using our smartphone. No chat and quality is, well, ok-ish? When we reach the goal of €350 we'll rent a professional camera and cameraman filming us in Full HD-resolution. Also a team of our volunteers will be on the chat to answer the questions (and if you're lucky, the answer will be on video) When we reach €1000, we're going to invest in better light and better atmosphere in the museum. The video will be even better. For €2500, we'll buy our own streaming gear and make more videos of us repairing or testing (old) computers. For €5000, we'll do the same as for the €2500, but this gives us major support to continue the museum and improve it even more! For €12500, we'll do everything above and create an app to visit the museum 24x7. It will be for Android and Apple and will give all the background information. Ultimate goal: €25000. This will give us a huge financial boost to improve the whole museum and experience. We will create a mobile app for Apple and Android with the whole tour integrated, so you can visit 24x7! Every penny left will be invested in improving the museum to make sure we will become the biggest and most amazing one (I think we already are, but hey... ;-) ) What You Get aka Perks Next to the live streaming tour, which is included in all perks, we will offer a few items more. We have a neat T-shirt Or an awesome sticker that they've promised will keep it's color for at least 2 years (size is a little over a 3,5" disk). Since we hope that we have a lot of viewers of this tour, we like to offer companies to put their logo in the stream and possibly future streams/videos. This way, as a company, you can reach the audience quickly and you're supporting a real museum. Seems like a win-win to me :) The Impact For even the smallest amount, you'll get to see the unique museum and hear the amazing stories we have, from the comfort of your own home (or office). You don't need to travel to Helmond (near Eindhoven) and find a place to sleep, you can just watch. Of course you can read a lot of information on the Internet, but to actually see it and ask live questions about it, is so much better. I'm not asking to save the museum or help us open a museum. It's already there! We offer you to get the full tour as you are in the actual museum and this time, you can eat and drink whatever you like. Yes, if we have more money, the money will flow into the further existence of the museum. We need quite some improvements and we like to be able to invest. Risks & Challenges This is not a "we can't make it if we don't have the funds"-campaign. Even if we don't make the ultimate goal, we still continue to exist as a museum. If we don't make the smallest goal of €125, well, there won't be a livestream and you should actually get up and come over to Helmond to visit the museum in person. However, all the money received from this campaign will be put to good use in the museum. We won't buy a bunch of beer and get drunk, but it will be invested.

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