Tiny Homes, Parks Along Historic Route 66 To Stay


At the age of 16, I built a gasifier I named the Dross to Gas, or as I now call the DRS2Ch4. However, gasification requires heat like plasma, which still gives off emissions as far as I know to this day. Now we know, anaerobic microorganisms produce useful gas that burns clean, the cleanest energy source other than solar electricity. And now with our knowledge of fuel cells it may be the cleanest energy source out there.

Just briefly

My name is Brian Brechner, as a teenager I had a concept that turned into a dream, and then into passion! My dream was to use trash for renewable energy without harmful emissions.   The bottom line is this; our investors and backers want to know how many Americans truly care about clean energy? So I am asking people for help, I need a team, and we need you.

  • We need team players to share this campaign with friends and family.
  • We need team leaders that are willing to find team players.
  • Maybe you have built an anaerobic digester, or you own one. We could share experiences.

We want to know what you want. Do you boon-dock full time or live in a tiny house? Are you looking for a place to park for a few months or years, or just a few days with free facilities?

We need your input, in order to fill your needs

We are looking to buy land along historic route 66 and near state parks. Places where entrepreneurs chose to live and work. We want to bring back free enterprise.

  • These parks or communities would be for travelers that need fuel or facilities.
  • A lot like the original route 66, we'll need gift shops and cafes, EV charging stations.
  • Family friendly places to stop or spend a few nights before moving on.

Free Enterprise 

Bringing back free enterprise is possible again, because the cost of traveling will be much lower. We have the technology to produce energy that will NOT run out and is cheap to produce.

  • Imagine taking the time to visit historic route 66 without the high cost of an overnight stay.
  • I remember when I worked at my father's Texaco service station, before the oil holdings in June of 1973. Gas was cheap and travelers took their time to shop and see the sights. 
  • There were full service stations and places to stop all along the highways.  
  • Let's start rebuilding route 66, and thus primarily rebuild America!

Risks & Challenges

Yes of course there are risks. Governmental groups such as neighborhood associations will try to stop travelers from parking for free. They did it to Walmart and they'll do it to us. Power is greater in numbers, that is the reason for this campaign. Share and build, and share more.

The challenge is this: Are you going to say it is time to take back America, or are we going to be afraid of wealthy business men that say, "Global warming is a HOAX, it's not real! TRUST ME."

It is time to speak out?

  • Be a Team Player and share with everyone you know, and everyone on your contact list.
  • Be a Team Leader, find other Team Players that would be interested in this campaign.
  • A Team Manager has the option of profit sharing and could make this a career.

Other Ways You Can Help

You do not have to donate money to be on our team.

  • We are looking for compassionate people that are willing to speak out.
  • Social media makes it easy to express your feelings.
  • Tell us in the comments section how you feel, and share your ideas.
  • If you feel you have something other than money to contribute, or would like to express your concerns, please leave your comments in the comment section on this page. Thank you for all your support.