Mushroom Tarot Included With Cards Of Arcana


The Project

The time is now for The Mushroom Tarot!

As I write this we are currently living in a day-to-day struggle of trying to stay connected to the people & things most important to us; what better metaphor for the ultimate–invisible–network of connectivity than mushrooms. Now more than ever the concept of mycelial networks connecting fungi, plants and animals is attractive to us humans. People all over the world are fascinated by the complexity & importance of mushrooms not only to our survival, but to the health of the planet! When I stand in the woods–usually while looking for mushrooms–I can sometimes visualize this underground mat of infinite fingers. Layer upon layer of a sparkly white tapestry, tying everything together & vibrating with life, endlessly spreading and sharing. Whoa.

*** Mycelium Magic ***

Tarot, as a format for artists and as a way to reflect on ourselves & our decisions, is attracting more and more intrigued followers as well. No wonder, with the timeless archetypal applications for assessing where we stand in relation to the world, ourselves and to all the wild happenings happening around us in a swirling cloud of radness.

This deck will include the original 22 Major Arcana Cards from the first deck revised and colored, the 56 Minor Arcana cards with a mushroom genus attached to each suit in full color, and the 3 Myco Guide significator cards from the original deck.

Updated Major Arcana Art
Examples of Minor Suits & Court Cards

There will also be an updated version of the original Info Guide with information about the Minor Arcana–why I chose the mushroom groups for each suit and a little about the wildlife chosen for the court cards. If we meet the initial goal–with your help!–of $11,200 the deck will be printed on 280gsm stock (just like the first deck), and will be in a matte-finish tuck box with a 24 page booklet. This will be the same specs as the last version of the deck, and everyone has seemed really happy with the deck quality. See way below for details on Stretch Goals, but if we reach the first stretch goal of $17,200 the deck will come in a 2-piece box for extra flashiness & sturdiness for the long haul.

Some Background

My name is Chris. I am an illustrator & screen printer & extreme mushroom enthusiast living in Corvallis, Oregon. I am a working artist. My day job is Corvidopolis–an art & apparel company featuring my illustrations that I hand print onto shirts & paper. I split my focus online and in-person at art & mushroom festivals. As a working artist focused on retail sales of my work I have a good amount of experience fulfilling orders in a timely fashion, scaling orders & inventory and working on a timeline!

I've been fascinated with mycology and foraging for over a decade. Starting with some casual forays into the Oregon Coast Range with my brother back in the college days, and evolving into an annual schedule structured around mushroom seasons. It has been an amazing passion, built friendships that may have otherwise never gelled, and mixed with my art it has fueled a really unique aesthetic that I am daily amused by & truly feel blessed to work on as my livelihood. I have forever been graphically intrigued by Tarot, but only in recent years have I been introduced to Tarot in a different light. Through creating the First Edition Major Arcana deck in late 2018 / early 2019, and the subsequent experience of releasing that & meeting so many wonderful people, I feel like I've developed a personal connection to the system.

Telluride Mushroom Festival 2019

With an almost immediate and truly humbling crowdfunding effort through my main art Instagram, Corvidopolis, I released the First Edition of The Mushroom Tarot as a black-and-white Major Arcana deck. It was an unexpectedly HUGE success, and I am still stunned and blushing with all the support for my work and this project! Right away folks started asking if I was going to complete the deck with all 78 cards, and many asked if the next version would be in color. So, without any further ado: A Full Color Mushroom Tarot Deck with 81 cards!!!

Colored Major & Minor Examples

I cannot stress enough that the realization of this project cannot happen without the help of all you lovely people!! I have received so much kindness, positive feedback & SUPPORT for the first edition, and met so many amazing people excited about the synergy between mushrooms & tarot, that I am 1000% pumped to see this become a real, live thing. Look below for some details on the different options for backing this project! Until we meet again: In the name of The Hyphae, The Spore and The Holy Host, may you and yours be well during this strangest of earthly times...

Backer Tier Info

EARLY BIRD 01: Get your preordered deck + a Limited Edition 6-color Silkscreen of The Spore card–only available on the first day of this Kickstarter! Signed & numbered and hand printed by me on French Paper Co. 100# Construction (US Made Paper) with water-based inks. Features a wicked split fountain (gradient ink pull) in the background with some bright sunrise:sunset action.

The Spore 8"x10" Silkscreen

EARLY BIRD 02: Get your preordered deck for the cheapest it will EVER be! A great option if you want to make sure you get one of this First Edition of the Full Mushroom Tarot, and you want to back early to help us get the word out & increase the likelihood that the project will get funded! Do it!!

STICKER PACK - Comes with the 3 stickers shown below. The 2 die cut stickers are digitally printed by Stickermule, and the Death Card sticker is screenprinted on vinyl by Sticker Guy!.

Sticker Pack

HAND PRINTED TAROT CLOTH - 20"x20" All Natural 100% Cotton cloth with 1-color drawing hand printed with water-based ink.

Hand Printed Tarot Cloth / Bandana

HAND PRINTED SHIRTS OR TANKS - Choose from these 3 Major Arcana cards printed with super soft inks on 100% Cotton Black tees / tanks. Printed with love in the Corvidopolis Shop by me! Tees are Unisex available in XS-2X & Muscle Tanks are Ladies sizes S-XL.

Hand Printed Tees
Hand Printed Ladies Tanks

1ST EDITION, MAJOR ARCANA DECK - This was the original crowdfunded Mushroom Tarot from early 2019! There a limited number of these left for purchase, so grab one if you want to be part of origins of this project!!

1st Edition Mushroom Tarot, Major Arcana

THE NEW MUSHROOM TAROT - This is what we're here for! This is the 1st Edition of the FULL Mushroom Tarot with all 22 cards of the Major Arcana, 56 cards of the Minor Arcana & 3 Myco Guide cards in FULL COLOR!! Depending on where we're at with stretch goals it will come in a tuck box or a sturdier / flashier 2-piece box––tell your friends so we can get that upgrade action!

ORIGINAL PEN & INK ILLUSTRATION - If you back this one we'll have a chat about what mushroom : card combo you're imagining and how that might manifest itself. Then I'll lock myself in my studio & whip it up to match the style of the existing Mushroom Tarot cards. Only a few of these available, so act quickly if you want a custom original!


A WALK IN THE WOODS - If you back this ultimate package of Mushroom Tarot goods with an experiential adventure in the Oregon woods with me & my good friends, the Mushroom Kingdom, we will have to chat to make sure we can work out all the nuts & bolts of the real world. After that, you'll have a couple choices about habitat & delicous mushroom-centric food, and we'll have to figure the optimum time between your schedule and the seasonal preferences of shrumps. It will be rad, and we will walk in the woods most definitely.

ADD-ONS - I'm new to Kickstarter, but as this plays out I'll try to figure out how we do add-ons. I see no reason why we can't do add-ons for any of the goods after we get this funded and we're working out all the details. Stay tuned for add-on prices and methods.

Stretch Goals

(GOT IT!!!) STRETCH GOAL 1 @ $17,200 - If we hit this milestone, we can upgrade the box to a sturdier & flashier 2-piece number. Mind you, I haven't had any negative feedback about the good ol' tuck box that is the standard, but who doesn't want to kick it up a notch for some unpackaging video slow-mo gold! Also at this mark everyone who backed at $20 or more will get a FREE Mushroom Tarot Psych sticker!

STRETCH GOAL 2 @ $28,000 / REAL LIVE GUIDE BOOK - Alright! This one is a big time investment, but I think it is totally worth it!!! And you are all so amazing that I'm sure we will hit it! At $28,000 I will upgrade the small 24 page Info Guide that would be in the box to a full-fledged book (length TBD, but ~40 pages) that comes with the deck!!! This will be a perfect bound 4"x6" book full of all my thoughts on mushrooms + tarot + magic and a load of scribbles & sketches about my process and nature adventures!!

BACKER MINI STRETCH @ $30,000 / Q&A WITH CHRIS - If we get to this milestone we'll sit down and have a nice chat! I will schedule a 60 minute Q & A on Zoom to meet with all the amazing backers of this project and talk about mushrooms, the woods, magic and tarot. I am not the most tech savvy individual, but we'll figure out how to make this work! Warning: I am prone to excessive rambling about the great outdoors and especially about mushrooms.

STRETCH GOAL 3 @ $35,000 / GOLD FOIL ACCENTED BOX + STICKER - Pretty straightforward, but a welcome addition to the sculptural wonderment of the Mushroom Tarot box. This will push the box from a container to an objets trouves to ogle on your bookshelf or desk! Gold foil accents making that box pop!! Also, everyone who backed at $10 or more will get a FREE Mushroom Tarot Mantra sticker with our motto, "In The Name, of The Hyphae, The Spore and The Holy Host."

BACKER MINI STRETCH @ $40,000 / PDF COLORING BOOK - Everyone who has backed the project will get a PDF Coloring Book of The Mushroom Tarot, Major Arcana with some limited edition drawing additions just for kicks! About 25 pages on 8.5x11 format; easy to print & fun for the whole family?!

More Stretch Goals will be added if we cross these!! Let's do this!!!!

Risks and Challenges

As with everything I ship for my art & apparel web shops, I will be using recycled shipping materials, and doing my best to source supplies from small businesses with positive mission statements.