Designed Specifically Children Sneakers For Break Dancing


My name is Karl Dyzee Alba, a retired world champion Bboy (Break Dancer) who has dedicated my life and energy to build and develop the Breakin culture and industry. A street culture which has saved countless lives from rough upbringings, mine included. I have finally came upon the opportunity to produce the first ever ultimate Bboy sneaker, created and designed specifically for Breakin through the community, just in time to debut as an official sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Short Summary In the 25 years I’ve been Bboyin, finding the perfect shoes to Break in has always been a problem for me. Every good Breakin shoe has a few good qualities that make them ideal for dancing in, but wouldn’t it be great to have a shoe that is designed to have all the best qualities that a Bboy needs? In my Bboy Journey, I tried breakin in every type of popular shoe for Breakin, took me a while to finally find sneakers that I’d love to break in. Those shoes were hard to come by. I always end up buying more than one pair, because I never know when I would see them next. Strangely, I knew that even my favorite sneaker types I had worn for years, could and should be better for Breakin. The problem was that these shoes weren’t made for Breakin, and it’s nearly impossible for these huge brands to notice of us, let alone make a better breakin sneaker for us. Also, what really bothered me was despite how huge our Bboy & Bgirl community spends on sneakers, while making these big brands become famous through hip hop and Breakin’s explosion since the 80’s, how much do these Brands give back to our Breakin community? Sure, sometimes they sponsor us here and there, but for them, they don’t care if Bboyin lives or dies, unlike skateboarding shoe companies who know that if skating dies, so does their brand! Therefore, they give back a lot to keep developing and building up the Skate culture... but who do we have? So, when I was approached by the owner of a sneaker factory and asked if I would like to create a Bboy shoe, I told them that I could design the best Bboy sneaker shoe in the world if they could make it. I’ll never forget the day they handed me the alpha Bboy sneaker prototypes, my heart almost stopped, and I knew right there and then that these were the best Breakin sneakers I have ever laid my eyes on. With that said, I am now releasing the pre-sale for the first design called the “Numbawonz”. Why? Because they’re the first sneakers designed specifically for Breakin, they are the prototypes So far, they are the best shoes for Bboyin ever! Those are pretty bold claims to make, and yes I’m sure there are Bboys out there who the shoe won’t fit (pun intended), but this sneaker was created for the culture, by the community, and will be continued to be developed and refined by the Bboys and Bgirls. So here are the top 10 Bboy Qualities & Benefits of the Dyzee Numbawonz! Very light, but not too light Durable double stitched high-quality materials Comfy as can be Flexy Soles (for crouching floorwork) Non-Bulky Thin Soles (for the threaders) Soft insoles (for the flippers) Soft outsoles (for the arm steppers) Good grip, but not too grippy Visually eye drawing Hip Hop Culturally inspired & represented (by graffiti arrows) The Dyzee Bboy sneakers are more high quality than all the other famous sneaker brands who if they matched these qualities would need to significantly raise their prices. Now a lot of people may wonder, is the Bboy & Bgirl community even ready for a high quality Breakin shoe? With the rapid rise of a Pro-Breakin battle industry and it's inclusion into the 2024 Paris Olympics, I sincerely believe that now is the time for the Breakin culture to finally have a product of its own that can be also sold to the general audience. The formula is simple, the Bboys and Bgirls make the brand famous (like it did to the other famous sports brands) and the brand gives back to support the Bboy community like it should be! What We Need & What You Get The sneaker factory owner has invested significantly in the research and development of the beta prototypes according to the 10 required qualities, forgoing the huge design and development costs. Now that we have the working prototypes, we need to raise the capital to start the business and production, and further more pay for the minimum factory order of 3000 pairs. Therefore, I have their approval to organize a community “Pre-sale”, for the first 150-300 pairs of sneakers to test and prove that there is a desire for Breakin to have our own kicks! If minimum 150 pairs are pre-sold ($15,000 USD), then the first batch will be made for only the testing and feedback before starting the company. If 300 + pairs get pre-sold ($30,000 USD), then the sneaker factory will begin the full mass production of the Numbawonz and further invest financially as a partner in the creation of the first ever Bboy Sneaker & Battle wear company! "Breakin" it down in more detail:For the Dyzee Threadz & Footworks Sneaker company "Numbawonz" presale supporters, I have set up some perks just for you! Be the first to rock the first Breakin Sneaker in history! It won't be until 2020-2021 until the brand officially launches. 20% off all future Dyzee Threadz sneakers 3M reflective material arrow option and animal cruelty free materials (black sneaker only) 10% the for the first 10 early bird supporters OPTIONAL (if you "like" the sneaker) Join the official Research, Feedback group. Help shape the evolution and progress of the ultimate Breakin Shoe Vote on the proposed upgrades and changes. Each presale sneaker you purchase = a vote! LASTLY (If you really LOVE the sneaker) Join the future Cultural Marketing Program. Earn extra income for telling your Bboy and Bgirl friends "watz gooood" In 2017, through my vlog, I announced that I would launched a Bboy Battle Business prototype that could give Breakin crews an opportunity to earn a living from their passion, which by the community was dubbed "The Plan". In just 4 months after officially launching a Bboy social club, mini battle arena & multi-purpose venue, I have successfully proven that I can turn a Bboy crew "Dream Runnerz" into an official city recognized Pro Breakin team who has monthly showdowns against rival cities, in the small city of Chiayi in Taiwan. With that said, majority of my money is tied up in the Bboy Battle Business and developing the league. However, I was approached with this amazing opportunity to build the perfect Breakin sneaker, which has always been a dream of mine. Breakin saved my life when I was a teenager growing up in a rough neighborhood, from a broken family, hanging out with the wrong crowd. I believe in the power of this dance, artform, street culture and will continue dedicating my life to building, promoting and developing it. If this sneaker will one day force other brands to fully support our culture by spending millions for a piece of the growing market share like they've done with skateboarding, then whether this sneaker succeeds or fails, it will be all worth it to me. But if this sneaker brand succeeds, my dream is to build a brand that will treat the Breakin culture way that skate brands treat their skaters. According to the international Association of Skateboard Companies, a healthy skateboarding community = a healthy skateboarding business. Risks & Challenges One of the biggest challenges that we face is the existing sneaker brands ingrained in the culture, and the community support for them, despite the brands not making sneakers specifically designed for Breakin, nor no longer supporting the culture and if so at a minimum. Our goal to overcome this will be the constant education of the Bboy culture and the continuous development of a Breakin industry, which has been the life mission of Karl Dyzee Alba, who has contributed heavily into the development of the pro-Bboy industry through the development of the first criteria based judging system, his educational Breakin vlogs, and his rival city Breakin League developed in Taiwan and promotion of his Bboy Battle Business. Other Ways You Can Help Please share this campaign with everyone you know that might be interested. Any help or publicity is very much appreciated!