The Best SURPRISE BRACELET From Summer Camp



After months of design development, sample making, and business planning I am launching my own jewelry line this upcoming Fall. The line will launch with SUMMER CAMP, a series of manually machine-knit and hand "gimped" necklaces. My plan is to approach shops and boutiques around the US and internationally about stocking the collection for Spring 2013. I will also sell the collection independently through my website. With your help I will be able to begin production, print marketing materials for merchants, work with the graphic designers at In Residence to brand the line, enter FOCUS an accessories trade-show in Los Angeles, and ultimately start my business!

The collection grew from a piece constructed with lanyard in my RISD thesis  collection 'NEO-90ies'. After making this collection, I still found myself intrigued with this almost dead craft trend. Since then I've been integrating this kitschy craft hobby into my textiles practice. When paired with knitted elements, lanyard is translated into something entirely new!

friendships 4 a lifetime/trail 2 the treasure/1st kiss by the council fire
friendships 4 a lifetime/trail 2 the treasure/1st kiss by the council fire

The collection both reinterprets and pays homage to the lanyard braiding phenomenon, resulting in a collection inspired by: SUMMER CAMP! The pieces are constructed entirely of textile related techniques and contain no traditional elements of jewelry hardware. The striped composition of each machine-knit cord is unique, since they are spontaneously machine-knit with a KH-930 electronic Brother Machine at my studio in Los Angeles.

The same exact gimp stitches you may remember from summer camp are used to integrate the knitted cord within the intricately handwoven holographic and translucent plastic lace. The necklaces are incredibly soft, lightweight, colorful, and hopefully remind you of the summer you made lanyards 24/7!

color-war BREAKOUT necklace
color-war BREAKOUT necklace


By taking part in helping me launch my line you will be the very first to own pieces from the SUMMER CAMP collection (a season early) and at half the retail price! International backers please add $5 to your pledge for shipping.

You will only be charged when the project ends and if we make it to $10,000.

What the Funds Will Be Used For:

After precisely calculating the costs, I have arrived at a goal of $10,000. These funds will be used for every element of putting the SUMMER CAMP collection into production such as:

MATERIALS- To produce wholesale and online orders I will need to make large orders of yarn, lanyard, and packaging materials.

PRINTING - I will need to print catalogs, business cards, and line sheets for buyers, as well as invoices, hang tags, labels, and stickers for packaging.

MARKETING- The graphic designers at In Residence photographed the collection. I have also hired them to design the catalog, among other odds and ends to brand the line. Justin Seibert created the Kickstarter video, and will be working on other projects to market the collection. Funding the Kickstarter helps them out too!

TRADESHOW- Entry fees for possibly showcasing the collection at FOCUS, an accessories trade show at the LA Fashion Market.

REWARDS & SHIPPING - Material, packaging, and shipping costs to send you all some pieces from the collection!

+10% kickstarter & amazon fees

For those of you unfamiliar with the laws of Kickstarter, I will not receive ANY funds if my goal is not reached.


Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this project! It makes me so happy to know that these necklaces will be worn and appreciated by all of you who help me in launch the collection.