Super Boy Scout who has Autism wants to make a film for and by Autistic Boy Scouts and their leaders


Hi My name is Dominick Purpura

I am 14 years old and I am working to my Eagle Scout rank. I have Autism and I am from New Jersey. I am excited for this project to begin. I want to make a video about and for Cub masters and Scout masters to help Autistic Scouts to be successful. My goal is to make Scouts easier for the next generation of Autistic  Scouts coming up. We already have challenges but with people like my parents Andy and Angie Purpura and my Leader Brenda Ramirez, who adapted a Scout troop from traditional to a mixed pack and troop with typical boys who have no issues and children who have disabilities like myself and made it work. It has been challenging , it has been hard but I have succeeded and gone further than some people thought i would. 

Children with disabilities just want to be children who camp, who go swimming, fishing , hiking, we just want to belong and have no worries about being told you cant do that because of our disabilities. 

Autism now affects just about every household in some way in the USA , Its my mission , my goal to show that we are not only able to hit the goals they think we can but surpass those goals.  

The Money raised in this campaign will go for equipment to film and editing software . 

The Impact of this project

To help the next generation of Autistic Scouts to have it easier than I did. I was told by a leader when I was a Cub Scout that I would NEVER make it to Eagle Scout because of my Autism and my ADHD. I am now almost an Eagle. I never want another Scout to be told " you will never..."


We will be interviewing other Autism Cub and  Scouts who have Autism, some will be using adaptive technology to speak because they are non verbal and other to be able to get their stories out so others can learn about the challenges we face. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute please share this campaign so this project can be successful. Any money left over after the project is done will be donated to Toys AUcross America and the Special Angels Recreation.
1:56 boys in the USA have Autism

1:76 girls in the USA have Autism

As more children are diagnosed with Autism they will be joining Scouts. The Scouts of America BSA needs to adapt and learn about Autistic Scouts. I hope I can be the one to start this conversation and with your help I will be able to .