Stay Home Stay Safe Coronavirus Relief Community


By fundraising for coronavirus relief endeavors, or donating to a coronavirus support fund, we can all do our part and provide much-needed support and aid. With the growing number of confined areas, individuals in these areas need vital medical help and day-to-day things to pull through this new threat.
With so much uncertainty and concern surrounding the recent coronavirus, it’s easy to feel helpless—but there is something we can all do to help the struggle against it. Apart from keeping safe and following guidelines from medical experts, we can all do our part to get help to people and areas that have been affected. 
The impact of the coronavirus has spread far beyond those who have become infected. Entire areas now face emergency lockdowns, and in Italy alone, over 16 million people have been quarantined in an attempt to prevent further spread of the disease. 
With such a staggering number of people in quarantine and more becoming sick, necessitates quickly mount. Everything from basics, like food to emergency financial assistance to pay for things like rent is urgently needed as people experience lost salaries due to illness or quarantine restrictions. For those who are already sick, paying medical bills has become an additional burden. 

In countries like the United States, where not everyone may have access to insurance, financial help for the coronavirus is desperately needed to ensure people don’t avoid seeking treatment or testing because they don’t have insurance. 
As the threat of this disease grows and puts further strain on communities, here are a few things we can all consider doing to provide some relief:

Create care packages with supplies...
Low-income families are already strained in good times but this new threat makes it even more important to provide immediate financial assistance to these households. 

As our economy becomes strained and more people are affected by financial pressures, the ability for people to pay for medication and treatment becomes a real hurdle to seeking treatment. As a result, people across the world have already started their COVID-19 fundraising efforts, and you can do your part to provide direct financial assistance to fundraisers.
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