Something Healthy Bringing healthy food to a food desert


Our plan is to provide healthy meals at 'break-even prices'. Making these dishes affordable and comparable to the prices of dinners at McDonald's & Burger King. We will offer pre-made meals and ready to cook meals for both individuals and families.Our goal is to purchase a mixed-use building in the area that is in need of total rehab. We will take this building, make it livable, modern and desirable then rent out the apartments above the storefront. Our value as an LLC will be in the ownership of the building. All our rental profits and profits from the business will be to pay for operations and to maintain the ability to price the meals at a lower cost, by doing this we will be providing jobs as well as the affordable healthy food to the area. Although we are 'for profit' we will have a non-profit sector that will allow people from all over the world to 'pay it forward' and donate via our app and website, allowing an eligible individual or family to retrieve a free meal. We will gather information from local non-profits, and social services to compile a list of eligible candidates to get 'something healthy' for free.

Why Newburgh? Why healthy food? 

For many reasons, Newburgh is the perfect place for 'Something Healthy' to get its start. The main one being that the area is missing viable healthy food options, another being that our founder is a permanent resident of the area and has personal equity in the community. There are multiple buildings in need of restoration, and Newburgh is a beautiful historic area. Healthy food and better food options create better health of any community's residents, leading to better performance at work and school and better job retention and better grades. 

  • Of the 30,000 residents in the city of Newburgh, 32% of them are considered to be living below the poverty line.
  • Only 50% of the buildings in the city of Newburgh are on the city's tax roll. 
  • Only 35% of the people living in the city of Newburgh are homeowners
  • There are >2 Supermarkets in the immediate area of the city of Newburgh
  • There are 0 affordable healthy food options


Examples of meals and dishes and their prices

a few food options

Why do we need your help?

Currently, the market in Newburgh is at an all-time high. A bunch of 'developers' who purchased these abandoned, destroyed and dilapidated buildings are refusing to put money into them with the goal of selling them at the peak of the market with little to no additional investment. Leaving many buildings on our beautiful streets of broadway and liberty unoccupied, unused, some not even on the tax roll.  We have been in tons of meetings with philanthropists, investors, and lenders, and we have been told 'NO', many of them don't believe Newburgh is ready for this. This has not deterred us from our goal. 

Our plan now is to take it into our own hands. The total cost of this project will be $450k, of which we have $50k set aside of personal funds to complete. our gounder also has found a lender to provide him with a loan of $200k. Although we want to own the building outright with no lender, we are settling and setting the humble goal of $65,000 and will find the rest of the funds needed if this campaign is successful. If we get enough support we will extend our goal! Maybe the proof provided by the pledges from this campaign will put the fire under the butts of some local philanthropists to get involved. We WANT to pay taxes to the city of Newburgh, and we want to make it BETTER!

The funds collected will go towards the purchase and full renovation of the entire building. We have our eyes set on one, and with a cash payment, we can get it at a better price. These 'investors' have quit on the area and are letting go of their portfolio, which includes a piece of prime real estate on Liberty street.  We want this one building!!!

After years of touring the world as an artist, our founder purchased a home and began raising his family in the town of Newburgh. Growing up in Brentwood, NY on long island, our founder always wanted to be part of the revitalization of an area. Little did he know, his wife would bring him to the perfect area for his dream to come true. Our founder Kurt Damas has a passion for creating and helping others. He is a serial entrepreneur and has had success in the music industry, tech space, and the quick service restaurant world. Most recently he has successfully opened a cafe in the neighboring town of New Windsor, being the first minority-owned Coffee shop in the town. He took a 'white vanilla box' and turned it into a state of the art space on a shoestring budget. He is a visionary, and passionate about being part of the renaissance of Newburgh. Noticing the glaring need for a supermarket or a healthy food option, he has done 2 years of research and decided the best way to get what the area needs, was to create it.

Our founder Kurt Damas hosting a charity Red Tie Party for Newburgh Boys & Girls Club


Example of his interior design skills


  •  BUILDING PURCHASE - $250K (Estimated price after speaking to realtor)
  •  BUILDING REHAB - $150K (This includes inspections, permits, buildout)
  •  BRANDING - $10K (This includes the shirts and drawstring bags bulk orders)
  •  EQUIPMENT PURCHASE - $20K (Fridges, Tables, storage, containers)
  •  STARTUP COSTS - $20K (Licenses, insurance, Inventory, trademarks)


Risks and challenges

Although this isn't our founder's first time, there are always surprises when rebuilding an entire building. We do not anticipate anything going wrong, but if anything does it may delay our opening. We run the risk of this campaign not being enough and will have to raise more outside funds to hit the 200k mark in additional funds we need, this may also prolong our timeline. But there is no need to worry, we are dedicated to making it happen! and we WILL!