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An eccentric bored housewife masterminds a heist, enlisting her hapless nephew and his flat-broke friend. Her obsession with social media brings about unexpected results.


We live in a time when social media platforms are the most popular and convenient ways of communicating and sharing our lives. This dark comedy captures the way social media alters our perception of others and even ourselves. People are now challenged to create a persona and are willing to share the most personal or meaningless moments of their lives. Today, the moment we stop posting and ‘entertaining’, we start to ‘fade away’.

BOOKED is about the limits and risks some people are willing to take by exhibiting their lives; it illustrates how easy it is to get trapped in a narcissistic and miserable state by seeking virtual attention. Where should we draw the line between acceptable and excessive use?




Maria is a Method actress and a scriptwriter.  She has worked for many years as a broadcasting journalist for the BBC World Service. She has also run the Russian Film Week in the UK as Head of PR until she decided to dedicate all her time to working in the film industry.
Maria has now several short film scripts, one feature and a series pilot. She has worked as an actress on many  productions: Killing Eve, McMafia, Love Sarah, Ashens and the Polybius Heist, La Petite Morte, Red Mage, Depth of Field, played a lead in Rehearsal, an LGBTQ short drama, submitted to a lot of film festivals. Maria wrote the script and stars in BOOKED, her first short film production. She also works with Russian Classics Theatre, a theatre production company in based London. In 2019 with a group of like-minded individuals Maria has started Film Mash Productions in order to bring together aspiring film enthusiasts from all over the world.


Dimitry Devdariani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. He has an MA in Comparative Anthropology. In 2002 Dimitry moved to London, where he studied Eurythmy; drama; acting at the School of the Science of Acting; theatre directing at Act Provocateur International (under Victor Sobchak). Dimitry works now mainly as a theatre director and to date has staged more than forty productions, which include: Antigone, Uncle Vanya, Little Tragedies by Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Kuprin’s Sorceress, A Morning with Guy Burgess by John Morrison, Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris, Luigi Pirandello’s Man with the Flower in His Mouth. Dimitry has also worked in radio theatre, staged a musical and has tried his hand in film. He worked as a casting director on an award-winning film Perfect Baby. Dimitry is also a playwright and his plays The Window, Ear and Sunday Angel, A Spoonful of Sadness, The Storm will Sing for You, Colour Wrong and Romantique were staged in the UK. Dimitry teaches acting at Academia Musica Nova and is the artistic director of Russian Classics Theatre London.


Luke Foames is a London based actor and got his first taste with a short student film Too Drunk to Stand Up; inclining him to pursue acting further. He trained privately in theatre based acting; focusing on the Stanislavski Method. He also took the opportunity to further his acting knowledge by taking part in acting for screen workshops focusing on many different techniques, including the Meisner technique and inner monologues with Becky Sharpe. Film Mash Productions began there and the group is now working on BOOKED, which is their first major project as a team. Luke is very excited about this project because it gives everyone involved an opportunity to broadcast their acting abilities and other skills. Luke is also a skilled professional sound engineer. The projects Luke has worked on previously include, The Perfect Date, Chained, and Martin & The Magic Muffins. Other work has included Bulletproof and No Time to Die. Luke is now working in the upcoming project How Life Begins with Lynn Ruth Miller.


Pawan is a London based actor who trained with Brian Timoney at the Actors Studio studying Мethod Аcting as incorporated by Strasberg and devised by Stanislavski. From there on he was involved in many theatre shows with director Gavin McAlinden.  Pawan also participated in a lot of short films and took many acting classes, where he met like minded individuals: as a result, Film Mash Productions was created  with the idea in mind of creating work and making collaborations within the industry. The idea of making a short film to use for showreel material came whilst taking part in an Acting for Screen course with Becky Sharpe, but then evolved into something bigger. BOOKED is the team’s first major project, Pawan has currently finished filming in the feature film 83.


Anastasia graduated with a Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from the London Film School, where she had the opportunity to work as a director, camera operator and producer. Originally from Russia, Anastasia started making films as a hobby 15 years ago, but after producing an award-winning film Stars, she was encouraged to pursue a career in filmmaking.

In 2011, Anastasia moved to Lisbon where she studied TV Production and worked on several film and TV projects. Now she lives and works in London. Anastasia worked on two feature films in 2018 including a challenging project Hidden Track, where she was associate producer and production supervisor. One project was acquired by the Russian TV and broadcast in June 2019. 

Her latest short film Miss was awarded the Jury prize at the International Film Festival in Portugal and has been accepted into other film festivals. Currently Anastasia is writing her first feature script and preparing to shoot her next short film, which will be a proof of concept for a bigger project. 


Andrew G. Ogleby is Spotlight registered actor, who has performed in many various stage productions, including works by Gogol and Shakespeare. In addition, he has written and performed in two of his own short plays as well as a full-length pantomime. In terms of screen, Andrew has appeared/starred in a wide-variety of film (both short and feature length) and produced the screenwriting for various film scenes. Lastly, he  has extensive experience as a supporting artist, including detailed featured work and performing various acting-double roles in major film/TV productions. 



Camilla Borghesani is a London based actress who graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts. Born in London to an American father and a Russian mother, she is bilingual in English and Russian at a native level. Her acting experience includes theatre, film and voiceover work. While she was training in Russia, she took a Shakespeare course at LAMDA. As for her recent work, Camilla acted in Dito Tsitsadze’s new film “Inhale-Exhale” (the role of Ana) which premiered last summer at the Shanghai film festival, and HBO’s new miniseries “Catherine the Great” where she plays a lady-in-waiting. At the moment she is preparing for her next role in Russian Glurjidze’s new film “Antiques” .


Amir Ebrahim has trained with schools such as Jigsaw and Stagecoach and later attended London South Bank University/LSBU on the BA Drama and Performance course. Amir has trained mainly with the Stanislavski Method but incorporates it with the practises of practitioners such as Uta Hagen, Strasberg, Meisner, Overlie and more. Whilst at LSBU he was trained by Gill Foster the influential teacher of Hollywood Actor David Oyelowo and was trained by British Playwright, Director and TV Actor Alex McSweeney. Since beginning his BA and completing it, Amir has performed and been credited in the UK, USA and Canada. 



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