Need Help For Refreshing, Bold, Brewed Frozen Ice Pops


So you want to know the story about our T-Shirt. Our friend Deana is no stranger to ice pops. As a cartoonist and illustrator, Deana has had her work published in Barron's, and regularly works on her Philip the Sea Lion webcomic. Our favorite issue highlights Philip as a collector of popsicle sticks. When we approached Deana to help us design our T-shirt, we knew we had the right person to imaginate our idea; a whimsicle NY skyline populated by Brewla Bar edifices. It took a few iterations, but I think she nailed it. What do you think? 

Looking HOT (at the Fulton Stall Market)!! Thanks Erin...

Traditional ice pops are frozen slabs of high fructose corn syrup and unnatural flavorings targeted toward children. We at Brewla Bars believe it is time for a better ice pop. Our flavors (we have 5!) are sourced from high quality natural ingredients, are 100 calories or less, and are each enhanced with a unique boost. We want to get Brewla Bars into as many hands as possible and need your help. Donate and we will prove that a Brewla Bar can make anyone happy! Lick well, live well.

Updates!! They just keep coming...


What are these boosts you speak of?

Curious about the boost, try one of our exclusive flavors:

  • The BUZZ - Sweetened espresso with an energy boost
  • The HERO - Cherry pomegranate red tea with an immunity boost
  • The LULLABY - Peach ginger white tea with a calming boost
  • The REMEDY - Raspberry green tea with an antioxidant boost
  • The DOCTOR - Craft brewed root beer float with 10% calcium to help maintain healthy bone strength

How will my donation be spent?

The money will be going towards the space at the Seaport as well as our ingredient needs so we can continue to make fresh product for consumption and testing. We also need to rent space in a commercial kitchen so we can make the product. We use high quality ingredients because they make a difference. We also need money to pay for our sticks and the bags our Brewla Bars are packaged in. Finally, we need packaging that communicates what you are consuming in a label so you can really understand what a Brewla Bar is all about.

Special Thanks and a couple shout outs.

Our FANS! You guys have been an amazing support!! Keep spreading the word. The more people that know we are out there the more likely we are to reach our goal. All your help and support so far is so amazing and we really appreciate it! We couldn't have pulled off our video without the help of our Directors of Photography, William Castelucci and William Shu and our Editor, Conor Hagan.

We would also like to thank Lyz Keating and Paul Walker for helping us connect with our film makers and all their love and support. Special thanks go out to Teddy Yu for his wonderful logo design. Lindsey and Ari, you may be far away but we still appreciate all your help and everything you've done to help us get where we are. We can't wait for your return!! And of course, our friends and family who have supported this project and provide the encouragement to keep us going. Special thanks go out to Jackie De Jesu for our new logo!! We love it and think it really embraces what we are all about. Also want to thank Katie Ablan, thanks for your help!