Portable display with unique mounts and accessories


Espresso Displays instantly turn your laptop and phone into a portable workstation.

At 5mm thickness, it's lightweight, aluminium design is easy to take with you anywhere, whether it is your next flight, a local coffee shop or even right at home.


Who is it for?


Productivity Booster!

According to a Microsoft study multiple monitors can increase productivity by 50%

Having two displays can save you 2.5 hours each day, 17.5 hours per week and 910 hours per year.




  • PRODUCTIVITY - can increase productivity by up to 50%.
  • COMFORT - increased comfort, workload management, and higher satisfaction at work.
  • COMMUNICATION - remain connected in real-time while sharing information.
  • SIMPLICITY - Installation and usability are simple and inexpensive.
  • RELAX - after a productive day, it's time to relax, watch a movie and play a game.




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