Pirool Energy Seed Funding To Sustainable Livelihoods & Clean Fuel To Himalayan


Pirool Energy has been working to bring sustainable jobs to villages in Kumaon, in rural Himalayan India, since 2015, and we need your help to bring our business to launch. Our goal is to provide jobs and empower women through job creation while bolstering the local ecosystem through bio-charcoal production. Help us with funding to refine the technology and showcase our product in preparing to launch this venture!

Short Summary

We are the Pirool Energy team, a couple of guys who are passionate about using technology to benefit lives in tangible ways. We started this project for our Master's thesis project at TU Delft in the Netherlands, focusing on producing biofuel from pine needles in the Himalayan mountains of northern India, where jobs are scarce, women have few opportunities, and families struggle to stay together. We want to provide income opportunities for locals, especially women, and allow people to stay and build community in the mountains. Join us in impacting lives there!

What We Need

We are asking for a total of $17,500 (US), and this will spur us on toward commercialization of our charcoal production enterprise. We have been investing in this project since 2014, and now the biggest hurdle is refining our production process and technology to make the business viable, and to demonstrate our product to the market.

The first portion of the money raised ($9,500) will go to cover expenses from the Pilot Project we carried out in May of last year, which gave such promising results, but left a lot unfinished. Specifically, the money will go to payback our partner Students4Sustainability who supported us in the project.

The second portion of the money ($8,000) will fuel our research and development, namely in refining our production process and demonstrating our product to potential customers. We have explored the market substantially already, but now we need to go an show our product and win customers over.

The Impact

Imagine with us a life where you have minimal options for income in the place you call home. You have grown up here, your roots are here, your family is here, but it is becoming more and more difficult to pay for basic needs because there simply isn't work to find.

As the sole bread winner of your family, you are faced with two options: move to the city in search for work, or try to make do in the mountains. The cities are unknown, distant, disconnected from your community, overcrowded, and unsanitary, but might over a meager job. The mountains have  few schools, poor roads and amenities, and dwindling job prospects, but they are home. So what do you do?

Millions of rural Indians take the leap of faith, and migrate to cities to support their families back at home in underpaying jobs. Those who stay struggle for income and employment opportunities in their hometowns, or families splitting up to survive.  We want to provide economic opportunities in mountain villages, while conserving the environment and preserving the natural beauty.


As said above, there are hurdles to get past. We need to refine our product and production process to make the business viable. There is promise, but it will take work and your support to get to the point of sustainable charcoal production. Also, we need to work to convince customers that we have a good product. As with anything, proving a new product isn't easy, and we need to go to the customers with our refined product to show them it's value.

Thankfully, we are in a good spot to handle these obstacles. We are collaborating with pioneers in the field of biofuels, and we are being coached by entrepreneurs who know the region deeply. We already are leveraging our contacts to showcase to some of the most prestigious hotels in India. But we need your help.

How You Can Be a Part & What you Get

Join us! Any contribution you can make will push this venture forward. Check out the perks we have put together, to say thanks for being willing to partner with us. We are even featuring some of the finest products from the Kumaon region from some of our awesome partners there. Have a look!

And if you can't give, we get it. But we still need you to get the word out - pass this on to your friends, family, coworkers, and random strangers! We appreciate your willingness. Thank you so much for your help!!

A Note on Perks

We are very excited to bring these perks to you. Our partners source some of the finest materials from Kumaon, the exact region we are also working, and we know you will enjoy them as well. However, due to logistics, the final products are coming from various locations, and thus in order to keep shipping costs reasonable, we are not offering all perks in all countries. However, if there is a particular perk you may want or would like to suggest we offer, let us know, and we will do what we can. Lastly, please give 2-4 weeks (10-20 business days) after the campaign has ended for fulfillment of the perks. Thanks for your support!!