ORBI Prime lets anyone create incredible 360° videos/images.


Overview Designed to be powerful, aesthetic and comfortable, ORBI Prime lets anyone create incredible 360º videos and images. With our industry-leading video-stitching and editing software, you can shoot and share your experiences across your favorite social networks with built-in WiFi. 60 minutes of recording time and a water-resistant design makes ORBI Prime an ideal choice for your next adventure. Meet ORBI Prime Seeing is More than Believing. ORBI Prime is the first 360° video recording eyewear that makes capturing and sharing breathtaking 360° videos and images as easy as wearing a pair of glasses. Designed to be powerful yet ergonomic and stylish, ORBI Prime is the next evolution of the 360° camera that offers an effortless, hands-free solution for your best moments. Embrace your next adventure with four 1080p cameras offering 4K resolution encased in a lightweight but durable polycarbonate frame, 60 minutes of recording time, built-in WiFi, water resistant design (rated up to IP64) and video stabilization. In case you've missed it here's a sampling of some of the news coverage we've received so far! Thanks to all our early backers who helped spread ORBI love across the world! Effortless Recording Ditch the expensive mounts and rigs; keep your hands free for more important things. Breathtaking Ultra High-Definition Four 1080p cameras allow you to 360° create content as immersive as reality itself. 60 Minutes of Recording Time Don’t sacrifice capturing the moments most precious to you. Water Resistant Design Rain, shine, or splashing freely, we’ve got you covered with IP64 rated water resistance. Instant Mobile Sharing With built-in Wi-Fi and industry-leading video stitching capabilities, sharing your moments with friends and family is easy. Multilayer Real-Time Video Stabilization Powerful video stabilization means that your videos are crisp and sharp. Compatible with Multi-Sport Helmets Safety should never be compromised for the perfect shot. Polarized, Adaptive Lenses Enjoy freedom from sun glare with UV protection. Detachable Safety Strap Keep ORBI Prime secure without bothering your head or tangling longer hair. Make Your World Bigger Capture breathtaking 360° videos and images without expensive and extra equipment. No mounts, rigs, and absolutely no hand holding. Just wear ORBI Prime like your favorite pair of glasses and record your world. Express Yourself, Vividly Everyone has different tastes, so we're offering ORBI Prime in two sizes (Male and Female) and five bold color schemes to pair perfectly for any adventure: Black/Black, Black/Fire Red, Electric Green/Charcoal, White/Slate Gray, and White/Flame Orange After pledging for ORBI Prime on Indiegogo, we will contact you by email to ask your sizing and color preferences. An essential part of any adventure. Whether your hiking through the mountains or traveling the world, ORBI Prime is ready to go, wherever you'll be. It’s all in the software. Our video-stitching software provides stitching up to 30 frames per second (FPS), providing a smoother, more natural viewing experience. Additional video-stabilization in post-processing reduces shakiness and makes panning, rotation and zooming smoother. Check out our software in action and explore this kayaking trip in 360°! App Features The ORBI Prime app makes editing and sharing your 360° videos and images easier than ever. Editor: The editor stitches your 360° videos together with our industry-leading software. A progress bar indicates stitching progress. Once stitched, users can cut, combine, add a soundtrack, change the reference view direction, of the video and more all on your phone. Simply watch or share a video by using the share and play buttons. 360° Player: This is a standard 360° full screen video player. Controls are hidden during playback, but can be shown by tapping the screen. Easily share your video with friends and family by using the share button present within the 360° player. Video Gallery: View all 360° videos currently present on the device. Tap a video to edit (you will be redirected to the editor tab), watch (you will be redirected to the 360° player), share, or delete. Software Specs Desktop: Provides stitching, video editing, device memory control, and firmware update functions. Supports OSX, Windows 7, 8, 10, and higher. Mobile: Provides stitching (short footage up to 15 minutes), full device control, live preview, interaction with the device using built-in Wi-Fi. Supports Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+ ORBI Prime is much more than a camera. Four 1080p cameras allow users to capture 160°X 110° FOV in portrait orientation (360° of horizontal FOV and up to 300° of upper hemisphere in stitched image) Hardware Specs Weight: 0.24 lbs (110 grams) Material: Lightweight, durable polycarbonate frame Storage: SDXC up to 128 GB (minimum Class 10 UHS-1) Power: 1230 mAh Li-Po battery, Micro USB for charging. Video: Codec: H.264 Container: MP4 Audio format: AAC stereo 48KHz Resolution: 2380x1500 (5000x2500 stitched still capture), 4x 1920x1080 30FPS (3840x1920 stitched video) Lenses: 180x110 FOV each in portrait (360 horizontal up to 340 of upper hemisphere) The Prime Pack (Accessory Pack) The Prime Pack includes all the essentials to complement your ORBI Prime. With a charging case that doubles as a travel case and USB connector you'l never be without power. We've also included a lens cloth and the detachable, adjustable safety strap to keep your glasses secure, while also managing for those with longer hair. The Rewards After pledging for ORBI Prime on Indiegogo, we will contact you by email to ask your sizing and color preferences. Stretch Goals In the event that we exceed our goal, we have more exciting plans to improve your adventuring experience by capturing it all in 360°! Working with all of you and the rest of the amazing ORBI community we will work toward these stretch goals for the future. $300,000 - Hardware Upgrade If we reach $300,000 we intend to improve the some of the hardware components of ORBI Prime. This means we can invest in more durable and lighter materials in the frame construction as well as offer prescription lenses with scratch resistant, anti-fog coating. $500,000 - Video Editing Improvements If we reach $500,000 we intend to introduce advanced video editing capabilities such as the ability to add music, advanced cropping functionality, and subtitles. $750,000 - Software Upgrade If we reach $750,000 we intend to improve our software by enabling users to share their videos within the application, record from either just the two front camera or the two rear cameras to save space and create interesting wide-angle videos and images, and stitch videos in the cloud to boost video-stitching speed. The Team Founded by a team of veteran hardware and software engineers from leading institutions such as MIT, UC Berkeley, and Electronic Arts, as well as professional photographers and videographers, world travelers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts, ORBI is uniquely positioned to radicalize the emerging 360° video industry through the harmonious blend of wearable technology. Get Your Project Funded Today! FAQs Q: Are you offering a warranty on ORBI Prime? Yes, we are offering a 1 year limited warranty. Q: How does your camera stabilize video? ORBI Prime has electronic image stabilization as well as additional stabilization in post processing based on captured motion data. Q: What kinds of data does ORBI Prime capture? ORBI Prime captures live data including motion: acceleration, rotation and G-force. Q: What resolution and Frames Per Second (FPS) does ORBI Prime support? ORBI Prime supports 4K UHD video at 30 FPS (frames per second). Q: Does ORBI Prime offer live preview? We have live preview functionality with our iOS and Android app. Q: Where can I stitch and edit videos from ORBI Prime? ORBI Prime is offered with a mobile (IOS/Android) application, where videos are stitched automatically. Also it comes with desktop (Windows/MacOS) application with extended stitching and video editing functionality. Q: Do files transfer wirelessly to my phone and auto assemble on the app? Absolutely. Q: Will there be the ability to do software updates to ORBI Prime camera? You will have two ways to update you camera firmware: wirelessly via mobile application or by uploading an update to the memory card. Q: What is the WIFI range? Roughly 30 feet. Q: How do you know how much power is left in the batteries? You can see the battery status in the mobile app. Q: How do you know how much memory is remaining? You can see the remaining storage status in the mobile app. Q: What is the maximum supported Micro SD card storage? 128 GB. Q: What's the video recording duration for 128 GB of memory? You can record up to three hours. Q: Will a charging cable come with ORBI Prime? Yes, each package will include a Micro USB for charging/connecting to desktop. Q: Where will you be shipping from? Have you calculated import fees? We will be shipping from the US or China, so you will need to determine additional fees and import taxes based on your country. Q: What is your Frame of View (FOV)? For each lens, FOV is 170°. the entire FOV is 360°x 300° covering the upper hemisphere. Q: What is ORBI Prime's sound quality? ORBI Prime records stereo AAC audio at 48KHz, 128Kbit/s. Q: Are you shipping internationally? Yes, we are shipping internationally. Please keep in mind taxes and additional fees may apply. Q: Can you ensure a shipping date? We are confident with our product timeline, however we will let all backers know if any unexpected changes come up. Risks & Challenges As with building any sophisticated consumer product, we will depend on others in terms of manufacturing, shipping, logistics, etc. We are fully confident that our partnerships with these established companies will deliver on our timeline and expectations. We are in communication with each partner along the supply chain to ensure that all the parts come together the best way they can. Additionally, we will make field visits to our factory in China to absolutely ensure production is to the quality we expect. However, bumps are expected along the way; be it customs, shipping, or manufacturing issues, that can all delay the process. We will keep you updated every step along the way.

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