Open source mechanical ventilator for everyone


Hey guys, my name is Alex.

I want to tell you about a project that we’ve been working on for the past 3 weeks.

It’s an open source emergency mechanical ventilator that can be used to save the lives of those affected by the covid19 situation.


Here are 2 videos of the prototype:





We’ve got to a point where the mechanical part is safe to and there’s a control panel easy to be used and read by doctors. The feedback we’ve got so far from doctors is that we’re on the right track. Being able to monitor the amount of air and the pressure is a vital part for the ventilator to be safe to use.

Our plan is to give for free the necessary documentation to everyone that’s capable of building the emergency mechanical ventilators. It’s a non-profit project for us, making available already all the work and the research we’ve gone through.

We’ve managed to connect precise sensors and manufacture a venturi tube that tells us the amount and the pressure of air so we can create algorithms for a proper ventilation of the lungs.

We’ve used an ambu bag that’s cheap and it has all the safety valves in place to avoid mixture of exhaled CO2 with the inhaled air, and we’ve connected the sensors and the monitoring interface.

Here’s how the assembled machine looks like.

All the files and software are available on the github repository that you can find in the description of this campaign.

Reaching $10 000 would help us involve other great people I know in this project. I can ask them directly to drop the project that they are working on in order to help us make this one faster and better without carrying about the daily expenses.
Right now we are a team of 2 people that works on this project. It’s me and my colleague Mihai. If we could afford to involve other people, things will get done much faster.

We also need to acquire medical testing equipment to calibrate this machine, and that’s quite expensive.

If we happen to exceed the target, the extra money will be used to further develop this project and donate the machines and safety equipment to hospitals around the world.

Another thing that we want to do, is to be able to create videos with the assembly of these ventilators and fully document the process so everyone that knows how to build mechanical devices, can put together an emergency mechanical ventilator controlled by our open source electronic part.

We’ve got in touch with the local authorities and they are expecting us to finish the minimum of functionalities required by an emergency ventilator. The sad part is that they are not offering us any support to make this happen faster. That’s why I have decided to ask for help to the community instead.

Thank you very much for watching, and if you cannot contribute with any amount, sharing this page to other people would mean a lot to us.

Take care!