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The CHI Method

Help me empower women, one habit at a time! (Unique Valentine's Day Gift, Fellas!)

In December, I had my fifth surgery in less than five years.

My adult life has been riddled with illnesses from PCOS to Endometriosis to most recently a life-altering diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Despite these challenges, I still work full time at a Community Mental Health Center while balancing being a mom, wife, and caretaker of our home and pets.

As I laid in bed, recovering from my surgery, I found myself unhealthy and unhappy - and impulsively purchased my hundredth diet system after seeing my timelines filled with people's New Years' resolutions, pictures of successful people on the system, dreaming about wanting my own weight loss, and a special "one-time" offer.  

$300 later...

I am waiting for my shipment and instantly feeling regret. I realized I had hopped from identifying a problem - straight to a solution. I had taken no time to assess why the last 99 times had failed and what I required to be successful. I was just throwing money at the problem, hoping this solution might be the one that finally sticks. Sound familiar? 

I thought to myself - why am I successful in my business life but can't tackle my own weight? That’s when I realized I use proven continuous improvement models in business. I’ve personally seen the success they bring about in changing companies, cultures, processes, products and systems. 

Why had I not taken these successful methods and applied them to my own individual growth? 

The issue with many of these corporate systems is they typically have a narrow and specialized focus: Lean and Six Sigma focus heavily on the manufacturing world. Agile Methodology focuses on software teams. The Snowball Method focuses on paying off your debt. Cognitive Behavioral Analysis is usually done in Individual or Group Therapy. You get the idea.

I realized that there are important elements in these various systems I’ve used throughout my career that could be adapted and woven into a system that is focused on the individual and their growth - and The CHI Method was born.

What We Need & What You Get

Here's how you can help:

  • I am launching a 6-8 month Beta Team and you are invited!
  • My focus during Beta will not be on driving revenue, but on refining the system - collecting data - and building our success stories for an AWESOME Go Live Campaign as we head into 2021. 
  • I am currently paying all costs out of pocket, including 3 super talented lady soloprenuers who are building their own freelancing business. I believe in the Fight for $15 and want to be able to pay living wages for their hard work during our Beta Team Campaign.
  • I need to be able to market and promote the Beta Team Campaign so we can get a big, diverse group of women with big goals they need help achieving.  I hope you will help me spread the word, but some paid advertising goes a LONG way.
  • In an ideal world, I would love the freedom to be able to transition my time and efforts full-time to ChiCoach. (I actually LOVE my 8-5 position, but my Fibromyalgia has made it very difficult to perform on strict schedules and stress tends to make my flare-ups worse. I'm hoping to take lemons and make lemonade, as I'd much rather help others and run a business than eventually reach the point I need to be on disability.)

Here's what you can get:

  • All Beta Team Members will receive a FREE electronic copy of The Book of CHI and their ACHIVment Challenge Workbook. 
  • Our contributors will be able to earn additional rewards such as an exclusive badge and title in our ChiCoach Community.
  • Access to a VIP Grop for our ChiCoach Advanced(+) Founders, which provides you with early access to limited quantity or special offers.
  • One-on-One Coaching Lesson with the creator of The CHI Method.
  • A printed copy of The Book of CHI.
  • A printed copy of the ACHIVment Challenge Workbook.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, that doesn't mean you can't help:

Joining our Beta Team is completely FREE. 

  • I'm an introvert who could REALLY use your help with social media love.  Could you help me make some noise?
  • Please share the Beta Team opportunity with women you know! 

Thanks in advance for your support!