Need Fund Rising For Nourishing Restaurent


We’re CORE Foods, and we’re creating the world’s most nourishing restaurant. Literally every ingredient we use is 100% produce. Seriously. Over the past 5 years we refreshed your breakfast on-the-go with our award-winning CORE Meals, and became the 29th fastest-growing company in the Bay Area. Now we're revolutionizing your lunch with the world's first produce-only restaurant. We've secured a prime downtown Oakland location, Whole Foods and the City Council are on board, and we already have health and planning department permits. Come this Fall you'll be able to stop in for the most nourishing lunch you've ever experienced, have us cater your next meeting, or find our most popular items in grab-and-go retailers and food carts around the Bay Area. But we need your help to begin this revolution in fast food - please contribute now!

Menu Preview (all ingredients 100% organic)

Signature Combinations 12 explosively delicious global cuisine recipes like Thai, Mexican, or Italian served in your choice of container, like:

  • Collard Leaf Burrito packed with potatoes and avocado
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper overflowing with plantains and black beans
  • Zucchini Pasta drenched in freshly cracked coconut lime sauce

Grill Items Warm, hearty produce-only meals hot from the grill, like:

  • Sweet Potato Black Bean Patty topped with tangy BBQ sauce
  • Teriyaki Veggie Kebab with pineapple, mushroom, and onions
  • Portobello Pizza with marinara and cashew cheese

Everything we serve is at the foundation of your health. No sugar, flour, oil, powders, additives, preservatives—nada. This is the most nourishing food ever created!

Launch Plan

Our first CORE Kitchen location will be at City Center in downtown Oakland right above the 12th St. BART Station, serving the thousands of people that work for Pandora, Clorox, Kaiser Permanente, and hundreds of other local businesses.

We've signed a lease for this space right here!
We've signed a lease for this space right here!

We’ll then be opening locations in major cities across the US. Your contribution today will put you on the ground floor of a national revolution in our food system!

Over the past 5 years we’ve grown a nationally distributed packaged food business and we’ve put years of research into planning the CORE Kitchen. To make this dream possible we need:
  • $120,280+ for construction costs to retrofit the Kitchen in our leased space
  • $90,288+ for specialized equipment like dehydrators and refrigerated prep stations
  • $24,300+ for architecture and engineering design
County Health Department-Approved Architectural Plans
County Health Department-Approved Architectural Plans

Funding And Goals

CORE Foods is a not-for-profit business, which means your health is the only bottom line. 100% of our profits are reinvested back into our food, our community, and our movement to cultivate a healthier planet. But that also means we need your help. You, our supporters, are our sole investors, and you're the ones that can make this a reality.

We need at least $234,868 total for this project. We've secured loans for a large part of it, but we'll still need at least $90,000 to make this happen. Help us meet our initial and stretch goals to grow our distribution even further!

Goal#1: Equipment - $90,000 Funds our initial equipment purchases and installation so we can serve you at our City Center location!

Goal #2: + Grocery Delivery - $135,000 Fund the retrofitting of our company car, new production line, packaging, and ingredients so we can deliver our items pre-packaged to grocery stores across the Bay Area!

Goal #3: + Food Cart - $150,000 Funds food cart equipment, packaging, and permits so we can serve you at other great locations across the Bay Area!

Help Make This Vision A Reality

Some more info about our rewards:

  • Any of our Lunches in the Kitchen pre-sold for rewards such as the $10 and $25 levels mean you get a Free lunch combo certificate to redeem for a full meal any time after we open!
  • For the Long Distance packages, our packaged CORE Meals are a full bowl of hearty oatmeal shaped into a meal-to-go. Simple ingredients with no garbage, these are perfect for breakfast, workouts, travel, outdoors, busy days, and anytime you need a portable nourishing meal. CORE Meals come in your choice of Almond Raisin, Walnut Banana, and Cashew Cacao flavors! (see below)

Special thanks to:

  • Our local workforce partner St. Vincent dePaul Kitchen of Champions
  • Lynette Gibson Mcelhaney, City Council President
  • Erin Harper and the Whole Foods Market Local Producer Loan Program
    Jimmy Collins and Giant Slice Productions
    Sean Mcdow and DueDrop Productions
  • The countless others who have helped get us here!

Risks and Challenges

We’ve worked hard to mitigate our risks - a few major points: Getting Funding: We’re diversifying our funding by receiving financial support from Whole Foods, Bank of America, and the SBA in addition to these critical Kickstarter funds. Legal/Permitting: We’ve mitigated a lot of logistical issues already by signing a favorable lease, completing architectural plans, and receiving Health Department approval. Budget/Business Model Viability: We’ve carefully budgeted our model through extensive foot traffic surveys, menu tastings, market research, and supplier pricing comparisons. Our strategy also balances multiple income sources through direct sales in the restaurant, catering, wholesaling packaged food, food carts, and more.