iPad Pro keyboard with aluminum housing, trackpad, 7-in-1 hubs


The newly released “iPad OS” operating system unlocks countless functionalities for iPad Pro that makes it virtually identical to a Macbook Pro user experience. It also allows new connectivity with USB C. The ability to connect to external drives, cameras and monitors opens up a whole new world for users, but presents a new problem…being forced to use the single available port on the iPad Pro.



That is why we created doqo, the ultimate iPad Pro Keyboard and productivity booster. Under the slim and sleek aluminum housing, you will find everything you need to get more done…

  •  4300 mAh built-in battery gives you all-day-long productivity & ability to charge devices
  •  Full-size backlit keyboard with scissor-switch keys delivers laptop quality typing experience
  •  Ingenious 7-in-1 hub for ultimate connectivity of external accessories using USB, HDMI & more
  •  MacBook-size trackpad unlocks new multitasking features such as gesture control & multi-touch

With doqo Keyboard, you can get more power, incredible connectivity, and the best user experience out of the awesome iPad Pro.






 *All the doqo Keyboard will have the below options to choose from.* 

  • Keyboard layout in different languages
  • Two colors: Iron Gray and Silver
  • doqo Keyboard with Apple Pencil Integration or without Apple Pencil Integration
  • doqo Keyboard is designed for 3rd Gen 11" iPad Pro or 12.9" iPad Pro
  • doqo Keyboard with add-ons or doqo Keyboard without add-ons


doqo’s exclusive all-in-one hub design puts plenty of ports where you need them. You can connect your iPad Pro to an external monitor, TV, mouse, smartphone, hard drive, flash drive, camera, and more like never before.


  •  Dual Monitors to Boost Productivity

doqo supports HDMI connection from its 7-in1 hub allowing you to easily connect to a second monitor or external hard drive. Enjoy 4K 30Hz video output for using larger screens and large scale applications to maximize your productivity, do more, and see more from your trusty iPad Pro.



  •   More Storage for Content Creators

Be ready wherever creativity strikes you and safeguard your artistic endeavors and important work. doqo supports USB-C, SD/TF card, and USB 3.0 data transfer at the same time. Connect your camera and backup drive to doqo, to save your essential files for creative work, business, or family memories.



USB-A Port



SD Card Port
  • Fast Charging Through Type-C Ports

No need to take your iPad Pro out of the keyboard. You can just charge your iPad Pro through the USB-C port, compatible with QC 3.0 standard.



MacBook size multi-touch trackpad with fully functional gesture controls allows doqo to deliver the best hybrid laptop experience. Perfectly tweaked to work seamlessly with your iPadOS and take advantage of its latest features and multitasking functions.



Double Tap Zoom & Open



Two Finger Scrolling



Four Finger Tap Lock Screen



Three Finger Tap Multitasking


Juice up your iPad Pro & recharge other devices with a 4300 mAh battery built into doqo’s sleek aluminum case. It provides a lightweight on-the-go charging solution using USB C or two USB 3.0 output ports.




  • Enjoyable Typing Experiences

Enjoy a laptop-like typing experience with a full-size, responsive scissor-switch tactile keyboard with comfortable key travel, large keycaps and great feedback make typing more efficient, faster, and more enjoyable.



Laptop-like Typing Experience


  • Dedicated Function Keys

Personalize your iPad configuration with dedicated function keys for special commands and to make adjusting the iPad Pro's volume, brightness, and other settings as easy a quick tap.




  • See Perfectly During the Night

Adjustable laser engraved backlit keys allow you to see perfectly during the night without disturbing screen vision.


doqo keyboard is simply a plug and plays solution for both works and leisure. The quick-release mechanism makes install or remove your iPad Pro without efforts!



Plug & Play
  •  Stable Connection

A single Type-c connection ensuring fast charging, data transfer for your iPad Pro, as well as providing a more stable connection with your iPad than normal Bluetooth keyboard.


  •  Ultra-Portable, Just Pack and Go

doqo eliminates the need to carry bulky accessories and extra devices. The doqo keyboard + iPad Pro gives you the power of a laptop with the portability and flexibility of an iPad. It is your ultimate business companion & travel solution.


doqo is designed durable, yet it is compact and elegant. It can be carried as easily as your iPad and goes with you anywhere. It’s perfect for students, travelers, and business people. The all-around-edges clamshell case design is made of durable aircraft quality aluminum and adds style and protection to your valuable iPad Pro. Enjoy protection, productivity and peace of mind with doqo.