Short Film Based On Six Women To Support Their Own


Update: We are now PUSHING for an extra $2,000 over our goal to help with insurances and post production cost! 

Please join us in hatching Egg Party! 

About our film:

In a vibrant, sun-soaked Brooklyn apartment in early spring, six powerhouse women gather to support one of their own. With laughter, wine, and expert egg decorating skills, we witness intimate, playful portraits of their successes, hardships, loss of fertility, loss of self, and how the power of love and friendship can create new “birth”.

Egg Party is based, in part, on a real-life Easter egg dyeing party I attended. As I checked my calendar on the day, I realized I’d accidentally labeled it (or perhaps subconsciously), “Dying Egg Party”. As a suddenly single woman in her mid-30s, this mislabeling hit me hard: “Kersti, that’s bleak!” This event, in tandem with a number of friends’ challenges with fertility, infused the initial drafts.

The juxtaposition of these women dyeing Easter eggs and facing the late summer of their lives is captured in this short film. We watch the afternoon light shift around these old friends, and though we observe humorous conversations about sex, love, dating, and aggressive skin care, we also come to discover these women have gathered together for a much deeper reason.

Whimsical yet poignant, the short film Egg Party gives voice to the little-spoken-of but all-too-common trials and experiences of deciding what to do with your “egg” in this lifeFrom readings to conversations with loved ones and our artistic collaborators, this "egg" seems BIGGER than all of us. WE CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! 


Help this little Egg Party Get LAID.

We know this small film will have an immense impact. It will delight, surprise, and comfort those who are experiencing these challenges.

No yolk, we need $10,000 in order to bring the vibrant whimsical world of Egg Party to life by March 14, 2020. ​

  • JOIN THE PARTY! $25 and up! All contributions at any level will go towards getting this little egg HATCHED! 
  • LET'S NOT EGG-NORE...It's an Easter Egg Dyeing Party! Help us buy eggs and set dressing for our incredible Art Director.
  • UNNY SIDE UP! Get these powerhouse female filmmakers some equipment and insurance STAT: $1000
  • OMELETTIN' IT HAPPEN! Scramble up some love for our Emmy award winning Director of Photography,Darren Joe and our amazing crew. $2500
  • AN EGGS-ELLENT PARTY! Become the top of the pecking order and win the hearts of the whole Egg Party! $5,000


Let's not crack up: Risks & Challenges 

Just like the ladies of Egg Party, time is of the essence and we are moving quickly to make this little film a reality.  We have FOUR WEEKS to raise these funds by March 12th, 2020.

Why the rush you ask? A number of our resources (actors, crew schedules, location resources, etc.) are currently limited to this window of time, and we plan to strike while the griddle is HOT. We can scramble while the butter is melted. We can place the eggs in the pot while the water is boiling. You get it. 


Love Egg Party, but don't have the funds?  We STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Of course we need more egg puns, but we always need your love and support.

We have some production needs/volunteer needs if you happen to be in the New York area for March 14-15. Thank you for spreading the word about this project. We are egg-cited!