Home Science And Mathematics Challenge Box


The Learning Partnership brings the first of what will be a series of Home Based practical learning challenges that will help children (and their parents!) get through the next several months of homeschooling. They are fun, easy to use and enable school kids to compete with each other from home, while taking on practical, engaging creative challenges. With these challenges we can make homeschooling fun and rewarding for all the family.

If you pledge £45.00 you will receive the full [email protected] kit to your door for the start of the summer term.

These challenges have been running as School based challenges for children aged 7 to 14 for the last 5 years. In that time 220,000 learners have taken part in our challenges so we know how to support large numbers of learners having a brilliant time.

To support families through the Schools Shut down over the next 3+ months we are redesigning these challenges to be home based. These home based challenges will enable parents to create exciting, engaging, self-paced practical challenges that will keep children engaged and entertained while the parents try and get some home-based work completed!

The Build to the Line - construction challenge

  • Construction Challenge - designed and built cardboard bridges, model houses, disaster shelters out of cardboard.

The Fly to the Line - Glider challenge

  • Glider challenge - designed, built and flown gliders, learning the primary mathematics, Art, Design and Technology and Science curriculum as they have completed the challenge.

While schools are in shut down, we know what a challenge it will be to keep our children motivated to learn, so we are going to put all our energies into designing home based kits and teaching resources to support fun and inspirational learning that enables parents to run home challenges that deliver the curriculum learning, but make it fun and exciting.

There are challenge leader boards, previously used for the school challenges, to support kids competing with each other from home.

It will be a blast, and most importantly it will be a cheap and accessible way for parents to maintain their child's education in the coming months of isolation.

Risks and Challenges

The risks to the project are simple. Not enough support. The Learning Partnership has been building this amazing learning resource for schools in the UK, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Dubai for the last 5 years. We have a cloud platform that can support remote learning and collaboration between learners, parents and teachers all over the world which we make free at the point of use. We have already redesigned the primary challenges to be a [email protected] kit to link the world together through fun practical learning. we just need families to support us in manufacturing and crucially distributing all these kits for families to receive at the start of the summer term.

Something Else

If we receive enough support in terms of orders of the product we can commission an established partner, McClaren plastics who make our recycled wheels for the rocket car challenge, to make a special recycled plastic connector for the building challenge. this is the last part in our kit that we need to commission to be 100% recycled materials.