HiFi TWS Realtek 8763 Chip AAC HiFi Transmission Support Bluetooth



As simple as taking them out of their charging box.

In terms of software, we opted for simplicity. It should be easy and painless to use your TWS earbuds. Pairing can be done with 3 simple steps, and once connected, the S2 will automatically reconnect to your device whenever you pick it up. And with our intuitive controls, you won’t have to think twice about whether to play the next track or answer the call.



KZ Acoustics started as a brand by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and has 10 years of experience in the development and production of HiFi In-Ear Monitors. Our products have been featured, reviewed and recommended in popular websites and have been recognized by experts in the audio field.


Our acoustic engineering team has developed a new 7mm double magnetic dynamic driver that utilizes an additional magnet to exponentially increase the responsiveness and output power of the diaphragm.

This new breakthrough takes the notion of dynamic drivers to a whole new level. An all new powerful dynamic driver housed in the form factor of a TWS. It’s mobile music like never before.


Dual Coil Dynamic Driver. Designed for Power

With an enhanced voice-coil design and a new polymer-polymer diaphragm membrane, our new dynamic driver is able to focus on delivering a more impactful sound with lower total harmonic distortion - ultimately, meaning a more high resolution sound. Our new dynamic driver has been meticulously crossed over with our custom proprietary KZ 30095 ultra-high frequency balanced armature driver. Balanced armature drivers are renowned in the field of profession in-ear monitors due to their amazing speed and accuracy.


Customized 30095 ultra-high frequency balanced armature driver.

The 30095 is especially prized due to its ability to effectively extend the treble and its low total harmonic distortion output. Our team has utilized this driver to create a detailed, smooth, and airy high-frequency response that is crystal clear and transparent. In combination, this hybrid dual-driver configuration makes for a musical sound that features hard-hitting bass, full bodied and rich mids, and detailed and engaging trebles. The KZ S2 is ready unleash the full potential of your music.


AAC Support for HQ Audio

Built-in with the Realtek chip, the S2 true wireless earbuds supports AAC to achieve HQ sound quality and seamless transmission. Not only has your music never sounded this good before, but now you can enjoy your movies and games with sync rivaling even wired earphones.


Why AAC over APTX?

The AAC codec is currently more widely implemented throughout online streaming sources, as it's the codec of choice when encoding videos for Youtube, Twitch and many other online platforms including music apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Pandora, and Tidal. AAC is also the default bluetooth codec for many popular mobile devices, including the entire line-up of Apple products, which do not offer APTX support.

By using AAC we aimed to improve compatibility, sound quality, and most importantly, reduction in latency. With AAC you will enjoy some of the fastest bluetooth experience with some of the lowest latency rates. It will be like you are using wired earphones.


CVC Noise Isolating Microphone

The CVC Noise Cancellation Technology, combined with the S2 silicon microphone work cohesively together to optimize your calls by drowning out background noise. You shouldn’t be the only one who gets to enjoy crystal clear audio!


Modern Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

With Bluetooth 5.0, pairing with any of your devices is quick and easy! Bluetooth 5.0 also allows connectivity distances of close to 1000ft (that’s 4x the range of previous generation!) and incredibly fast ISM band range.


Ultra-stable Connectivity… Never Miss a Beat!

Embedded with the new Realtek 8763 Chipset and Bluetooth 5.0, the S2 offers increased bandwidth performance and an enhanced signal reception that results in an ultra-stable connection. Compared to other leading bluetooth products on the market, our integration of the 3020 chip into the S2 results in significantly more stable sync even at further distances.


Designed for Both Fashion and Comfort

While other products on the market may achieve one or two of these aspects, accomplishing all three has rarely been seen - until now. Our team wanted to design a set of in ear monitors that you will never want to take out - simply because you won’t even notice that they’re there. The resin housing of the S2 has been moulded to perfectly match the shape of your ear, and our wide selection of high quality ear tips ensures everyone will have a perfect seal.


Stay Home... Stay Safe


Project Timeline



KZ was founded in 2013 to integrate high quality audio into the fashionable style of the modern listener. KZ is the world's leading HiFi earphone manufacturer and provides professional audio services in more than 100 countries and regions. KZ is a professional audio brand that offers excellent quality products ranging from personalized monitors to headphones. Shenzhen Yuanze Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in creating new technologies for audio transmission. With modern hybrid technological advancements, we have managed to offer high-end in ear monitors and hearing aids to the world.