Need Funds For Baby Lotus Swaddle, Sleep Bag & Blanket


A special reward for the last 48 hours of our campaign, as we try to reach our stretch goal of $130K: Your choice of a package of Little Lotus swaddles or sleeping bags, or the cozy blanket AND the magical "Spread the Warmth" hardcover children's book, the story of Embrace helping babies around the world (pledge $130 - regular price will be $175)!

Keep your baby at the perfect temperature with Little Lotus, a new line of baby products by Embrace Innovations. Each purchase will help a vulnerable baby with the Embrace warmer.

Why Moms & Pediatricians Love Little Lotus:

"I never thought as a pediatrician I would be so concerned about my baby while she was sleeping. But quickly I learned I wanted to make sure her temperature was just right. Despite being well dressed with other swaddles & sleep sacks, her little hands & feet are frozen in the morning. When she wears the Little Lotus, her whole body feels perfect to the touch. The fabric is made of the highest quality & gentlest material. The best feature for my sleepy daughter at bedtime is that it is easy on/easy off. There is no need to pull anything over her head, just a few snaps and a zip." Elizabeth B.

"When I tried the Little Lotus sleeping bag I felt like I had discovered a natural winner. Unlike sleep sacks I have used in the past, it is clearly designed with the practical needs of a parent and baby in mind. My son often falls asleep while nursing…it takes some serious ninja moves to slide his arms through the holes of our usual sleep sack without waking him. The Little Lotus is different. I can just lay him on top of the product and quietly zip him into it. My son had taken some great naps in the Little Lotus and I can only assume that it's because his little feet are always warm. When you touch the fabric of the Little Lotus you can feel the difference

Note: Our products include a swaddle (0-3 months), sleeping bag (3-12 months) and cozy blanket (0-5 years).

The Little Lotus products are special because:

  • They use proprietary fabrics inspired by NASA spacesuits to keep your baby at the perfect temperature, so they can rest better & you can have peace of mind. Studies show that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is linked with babies being too warm or too cold. With Little Lotus, your baby will stay warm without overheating.
  • Our swaddles & sleeping bags have a unique design that make them easier to put on and take off than existing products, with a bottom zipper that allows for a diaper change with the baby is still inside. "When the name of the game is don't wake a sleepy baby, no other swaddle works as well as this one." - Little Lotus mom
    • For every product purchased, a baby will be helped in a developing country by the Embrace infant warmer.The Embrace warmers have already helped 150,000 vulnerable babies across 11 countries. We hope to drive this number to 1 million with the help of Little Lotus.

    What makes Little Lotus products different than other baby products?

  • Little Lotus products use a proprietary fabric that is super soft and baby friendly. Originally developed for NASA, these materials are designed to help balance your baby’s skin temperature to reduce overheating & cooling. The technology draws excess heat if your baby is too warm, and releases the warmth if they start to cool down. This means less temperature fluctuations and your baby staying more comfortable. Studies show that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is linked with babies being too warm or too cold. With Little Lotus, your baby will stay warm without overheating. n addition to the proprietary fabric, the Little Lotus swaddles and sleeping bags have unique features that make them extra easy to use. The bottom zipper and the enclosures on both shoulders allow you to take the swaddle/sleeping bag on and off much more easily than other products. You can do a diaper change with the product still on. The swaddle has wings that can be folded back, when the baby's arms want to be out.

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    Risks and Challenges

    Little Lotus Baby has a team with extensive manufacturing experience. Specifically: 1. We have a top tier team with many years of experience bringing new products to market. 2. We have deep expertise creating products for babies. 3. Little Lotus Baby products is the result of detailed planning. We’ve spent a lot of time designing, prototyping, testing, and re-designing to achieve the final designs. Despite our expertise and careful planning, there are risks to the project: RISKS IN MANUFACTURING Although we’ve carefully selected a factory that has a history of producing high quality baby products, this is our first time working with the factory and we can’t anticipate how well their production quality will satisfy our strict QC standards. There may be production delays if we need to address quality issues as they arise.

    Little Lotus Cozy Blanket (0-5 years)

    The Little Lotus cozy blanket has a layer of premium cotton on top. The bottom layer, which contains our proprietary technology, has a soft and luxurious texture. The blanket is finished with a satin border.