Need Fund Rising For My Boutique Store On Wheels


With your help, I was hoping that I would find angel investors who would believe in me & my dream to be one of the trailblazers in this industry. Of course food trucks are a thing. But truck boutiques are fairly new. So here I am. Let's do this!

Let me share with you my story...

Hello, my name is Roberta, but everyone calls me Bobbie.

It's a pleasure to meet you...

Like others, I came from a not so great background. Growing up as a ARMY brat, I lived in 13 states and two countries. It was a bit hard during my childhood because I jumped from school to school, then I lived on the streets as a young skate punk from the age 13.  Barely having any friends, I had been struggling to find myself ever since.

I can say I am a strong woman now because of the hardships and obstacles I had to go through.  But I always had hope in my heart.   

There were times in my life when I made bad decisions due to not having a mentor growing up, to teach me the values of life and my self-worth. What helped me get through everything was making jewelry and my love for music. They're my passions. 

I was lucky to find love unconditionally and acceptance at the age of 42.  He gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams.  Yes... I was lost for that long.

He believed in me and my vision and helped me launch my business. Fast forward two years, the only person who really and truly believed in me, is now my husband. I love him so much, he's my best friend.

I am the proud owner of Yoly Jewelry and I want to expand my business to own a boutique truck. 

It's time for me to take my business to the next level and to pursue my dream to own a store on wheels. It's so very hard to catch up and save with the price of living in the Bay Area. The reason I am running this campaign is because of limited real-estate, and skyrocketing rental prices. I cannot move out of the area since I am my father-in-law's care taker. 

I am looking for good-hearted supporters who have been there before, and had others give them a chance in life; who would understand and pay it forward to another good person. I cannot express the magnitude of the gratitude I feel, if you were to support me with my dream. 

I am a trailblazer of a women-owned small business, especially in this field.

Just give me that chance. 


What We Need & What You Get

Let me explain my business for you to understand, and how much I will need and for what. 

$10,000 would reach my goal of building and designing my mobile boutique on wheels.

 Let me brake it down.

I have saved since last summer $2000 from the online sales and fairs.

~Buying a used trailer long enough to fill my merchandise and stock, will cost me between $7000-$8000

~Construction to gut everything out and fix it with shelves and props and lighting will be around $2000

~to paint and make sure the tires are good and no leaks from the roof will be a extra $2000

~I have a large truck to tow where I would need to set up and I can get insurance for what is needed. 

The perks is exciting because I can travel anywhere and everywhere on the weekends and I wont have to leave my little fur baby at home. Fairs, beaches, anywhere that has food courts and set up.

Every person who supports this campaign, and/or orders a perk from my list, will get a year of 10% off of anything in my store online or in person. It will be a "V.I.P." card which has a code on it for online shopping or you can bring the card in person and you will automatically get the 10% off. 

If for some reason if I do not reach my goal. I can promise you, I will not quit. I will safe-keep that investment and I will work hard at every fair I can get into, and save up and still buy my dream truck, It might take longer... but thats life. At least I tried. 

The Impact

Your contribution will make a difference because I am a nonstop worker until I archive my goal, so your investment will not be in vain. 

This project is very valuable to me, because I want something that makes me feel important and because I believe in hope and believe that anything is possible and anyone can achieve anything.

I made a pair of skull aviators sunglasses and sold of them for years. I had a picture emailed to me recently showing, Slash, from the band Guns and Roses wearing the pair of aviators I personally made. 

It felt good to know that Icons are wearing my art. 


Risks & Challenges

The only obstacle I may face to achieving my goal is if no one believed in me or my dream. I wrote down a complete business plans for myself and the future, and I know nothing can go wrong if I had the best support. 

I'm qualified to overcome any hurdle because I don't believe in quitting. I will also pay it forward. This can help the women in our community in knowing there are good people out there, who can and *will* support women-owned businesses, and I personally love to share my knowledge and experiances with young entrepreneurs as well. 


Other Ways You Can Help

Please if you love my story, and you cannot donate, will you take the time to share my campaign in thoughts of helping me reach my goal? Please get the word out if you can. Make some noise!

Thank you so much for your time and support.