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Overview Dr. Muscle: Trainer in Your Phone That Uses AI to Help You Get in Shape Faster - Dr. Muscle is like a personal trainer in your phone. It helps you get in shape faster because it uses artificial intelligence to create a new custom workout for you every time you train. - 10 times cheaper than a human trainer, always up to date, and available anytime, anywhere. On mobile? Tap "Read the story" below to learn more. We’re turning to you to secure this round of funding, and your advice and feedback as we build and deliver the next key features of the app. To make sure we build the right features, we'll give you free access to our prototype as soon as you back this project (see perks descriptions on the right for details). With your support, we can use science and technology to make training a rewarding experience, simple, and fun again. "Hi, my name is Christelle Bouchard. I've been helping Dr. Juneau with customer service for 3 years. And I'm proud our customers say we have 'the best customer service'". -Christelle Bouchard, [email protected] "The best customer service" -Bob McDermott "Dr. Muscle has the best customer service. Dr. Juneau and Christelle, his excellent assistant, take the time to help and answer questions you might have. So if you are on the fence for purchasing the app, go for it. You won't be disappointed." -Bob McDermott, early access customer We believe your experience with us should be smooth and a solid 10/10. You can call us at +1 (514) 608-1057, Monday to Friday, 1:00 to 5:00 pm, Eastern time. We reply to most emails the same day. And our stats show most customers are either happy. See for yourself: Works On All Phones & In All Gyms Dr. Muscle works on all iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. So even if you change your phone, you'll still have your workout data. Bodyweight, home gym, or gym? We got you covered. You can start from home with just your body weight. Get a few pairs of dumbells, and you can do the home gym programs. More avanced? Dr. Muscle can guide you in the most hardcore of gyms. Expert reviews "Lift weights. You'll look and feel years younger. And this new technology may be the easiest and cheapest way to get there fast." "Ever since I got hit by a car in college, I've looked for new and better ways to become healthy, lean, and fit. AI is the next frontier in fitness, and if you're doing any form of weight lifting, you should definitely check this new technology out." "90% of people over the age of 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat. Don't let this happen to you. Lift weights. You'll look and feel years younger. And this new technology may be the easiest and cheapest way to get there fast." -John Rowley, best-selling co-author of "Old School New Body" "This app could get a whole lot of people on track integrating the modern science-based approach to building muscle mass and strength" "This new app looks like a winner. The app figures out sets, reps, volume, loading, and so forth, and does a damn good job of delivering a customized workout based on the individuals progress – or lack there of – using what’s called “Daily Undulating Periodization” or DUP." "Short of paying a good strength coach, this app could get a whole lot of people on track integrating the modern science-based approach to building muscle mass and strength while reducing the likelihood injuries and removing the guess work. So far, feedback from BrinkZone users of the app has been excellent." -Will Brink, SWAT Trainer, Magazine Columnist (Over 50 mags in 9 countries), and author of Bodybuilding Revealed "Transform your body even if you can't afford a personal trainer" "In 2011, I became the WBFF Pro Bodybuilding World Champion. My secret? Dedication, motivation, and determination. You'll need all 3 to transform your body." "What you'll also need is a sound training program. If you can afford it, a real, human personal trainer is the way to go. But this app may just be the next best thing." "I've seen what it can do. It creates a customized workout program for you. Then, as you do it, it tells you exactly how much to lift, and how many reps and sets you should be doing. It's also surprisingly accurate. With this app, you can train smart and transform your body even if you can't afford a personal trainer. I think it has a lot of potential." -Matt Stirling, Certified Personal Trainer, WBFF Bodybuilding World Champ, 2-Time Musclemania World Champion, and author of The Customized Carb Cycling Solution Customer reviews "I'm stronger at 58 than when I was 27!!" -Silver Dakota, early access customer "I am a physical therapist that was unfortunately injured on a roller coaster. One cervical spinal fusion later I found myself much weaker than I thought I ever would be. I am happy to say that since using this app safely, and within my tolerance level, my strength (and arms) are coming back to pre-injury levels. I am so happy with my results!" -Marie Francis, early access customer "This is whats been missing on the market. Wow! This app Knows exactly how to challenge you. I've gone from bench pressing 100 kg to 120 in just 3 months." -Funkybizz, early access customer "Today my bud said that my arms are looking bigger than when he saw me three weeks ago. This means that Dr. Muscle is working as it is the only training resource that I’ve been using. With all the mess that I experienced earlier this year transitioning to a new health-club and adjusting to working out on my own I’m proud of myself for getting back into fitness and ditching expensive personal trainers with the help of this cool muscle building app." -Remone Mundle, early access customer "Amazing, accurate, and logical to follow. Everything Dr. Juneau incorporates into his program is based on CURRENT scientific research and he doesn't deviate from that; ever, which I totally respect in this "profit first" culture we live in when he could be tempted to tell you B.S. just to get customers to spend more. I've taught science for 30 years and been a weight lifter for the majority of my life. This is easily, without exception, the best program and app available and it is literally customized to your own strength and experience. Seriously, ALL of the exercises, weights, sets, reps, on-the-spot self-evaluation, change in routine, time in between sets, and EVEN the gains you made both numeric and graphed are in this app. It's absolutely incredible and in my opinion revolutionary in the market. I wish I had this 40 years ago, but I don't think Dr. Muscle was around back then! Along with my gym membership, it's the best weight lifting money I've spent in my life and I give it my highest recommendation! Thanks Carl!!!" -Jim Clift, early access customer A Personal Invitation From Dr. Carl Juneau If you're looking to get in shape in 2019, then this may be the most important invitation you get this year. My name is Dr. Carl Juneau. I’m an exercise scientist with a PhD in health statistics. I’ve been a coach all my life and a trainer for the Canadian Forces. I’ve helped about 10,000 people get in shape 1-on-1, in group classes, and online. That’s how I found out that training is hard. It requires time, knowledge, and motivation. And just when you think you’re doing everything right, you can still get injured, get stuck, or lose motivation, and quit. And when you quit, you lose all your gains, and you and have to start all over again… And if that’s ever happened to you, you know how tough that is. Take it from me: I know. In 2009, suddenly, I had trouble eating. I had no energy, couldn’t train, and felt my IQ had dropped 15 points. I used to get on the scale at least once a week to track my progress. But I stopped doing that: it was becoming too painful to see I was losing all the gains I’d worked so hard to make. Have a look: On this chart, on the left, you can see that in 2005, when I got on the scale for the first time, I weighed 143 lbs. In 2009, 4 years later, I had gained 18 lbs of muscle. I was proud of that! But by 2010, I was down to 140 lbs—see that big dip on the right? What happened is I had become intolerant to gluten. But doctors took 1 year to find out. So that year, I couldn't eat, couldn't train, and I ended up lighter than when I first started out. 4 years of training: gone—just like that! By 2011, I had learned to manage gluten. I moved to London (England) for my PhD. And I started training with Dave Beattie. Dave was a 5-time world champion in powerlifting, and world-record holder in the squat. He had a really no-nonsense approach to training (that contrasted with my obsessive-compulsive style). We were training, and he would just say: do that. Do this. That was it. And... I gained back 21 lbs in 3 months Now granted, when you gain back muscle you’ve lost, it’s quicker. But still, in 3 months, I gained as much muscle as I had in 4 years. When I started out, my mistake was that I desperately wanted to discover the best workout plan. I read tons of books to find the best exercises, how long to do them, how many times, how many times a week, and the perfect mix that would get me in great shape... in no time. So that I could get more attention and more respect! But that’s actually a mistake. And here’s why: Even the best workout is almost guaranteed to fail you... at some point While there may be a "best" workout plan for you now… That plan is almost guaranteed to stop working in the future. Because your body adapts. So if you keep on doing the same workout... even the BEST workout... you’ll start to notice you’re not improving as fast as you used to. Plus, you just might get bored. And when you mix these 2 things, you’re setting yourself up to lose motivation, and quit. And if you're tough, and you really stick with it, you can end up overtrained, and injured. That’s what I was doing, and I was running around in circles with my training... wondering why the other guys were getting bigger, faster, and stronger, and I wasn't keeping up. What I should have done, and what you should do, is to focus on a single fundamental training principle. Every good trainers knows this. My coach Dave in London knew it. In fact, it's exactly what the American College of Sports Medicine recommends (ACSM, 2009). And that principle is progressive overload. Progressive overload just means that to get in better shape, you need to "overload" your workout… But the way you "overload" has to be very specific: you must increase at least one of the major training variables of your workout progressively... So that you keep on challenging your body to transform. Just by increasing the load, or repeating each exercise more times, you make your body think: "Oh dear! This is new, and unexpected—I need to improve!" And your body will improve and adapt by building muscle and burning fat. Over time, men usually end up quite muscular, and women, more sculpted; and both get leaner. Plus, when you improve your fitness: Your improve your health Your improve your looks Your improve your energy Your improve your strength Your improve your muscle mass Your improve your confidence Your improve your mood You even improve your sex life! You improve your self. I believe in self-improvement, and I really believe getting in shape is one of the best ways you can improve. It’s helped me tremendously. But to make it work for you, your workout needs to start at your level, and improve with you. And the best way to ensure that, is to let a personal trainer guide you, motivate you, and update your plan in real time, as you do it. But trainers are expensive… I know: I’ve been a trainer for 18 years. Here are just some of the men and women I've helped: Now their results are not typical, and if you really want to get in shape, you'll need time, knowledge, and motivation. That’s why training is hard. And why so many people fail. You know you’re failing when you’re training and you’re not improving… Or worse: you’ve given up. You’re not training. And now you’re out of shape: You have no stamina—you get out breath when you walk up stairs, and soon your clothes don’t fit Deep down, you’re not proud of yourself, and you know you gotta do something. Just like a friend of mine. A few years ago, he started training with me an hour 3 days a week. He’s a large dude, and in 2 months, he was lifting 300 lbs (that’s good by any standard). But then he had to skip a week because of work... then he got sick... one thing led to another, and he never came back. These days, he’s completely out of shape, and I really hate to see it. I hate to see people fail at training. It's had such a big impact on my life, I’ve always wanted to help more people succeed at it, and change their life. But when I work as a personal trainer, I feel stuck, helping clients 1-on-1. Plus, it's just too expensive for most people. I had to find a better way. So, in 2016, I finished my PhD, I gathered a small team, and we started building this new technology. Our vision was to give you the ability to improve almost as fast as if you had trainer, but for much cheaper. With this technology, you apply all the latest science and the proven tricks of an experienced trainer automatically. Under the hood, your training is built around progressive overload (the fundamental principle we've just discussed). Your program updates in real time as you do it, so you always get in shape as fast as possible. Here's why you'll get in shape faster with Dr. Muscle... It's more advanced. Your program: Starts at your level after a quick 1-time, 7-tap setup Levels up with you, adding new exercises as you become more experienced, fitter, and stronger Updates in real time as you work out with the best mix of reps, sets, and rest, so you always get in shape as fast as possible Plus! It's more fun. As one early access customer put it: "It's like a surprise every workout". It's easy and fast. Your workout is ready at the push of a button. You'll save time. You'll never lose your data. Your workout data is backed up safely in the cloud, so even if you lose your phone, you'll never lose your progress. Simply log in, and you can resume where you left off. Exercise by exercise, workout by workout, Dr. Muscle can take you from the beginner stage to the advanced level. It automates almost everything, through the entire process. It guides you like a personal trainer, but it’s 10 times cheaper, always up to date, and available anytime, anywhere. Risks & challenges We’ve been building this app for 2 years. To be honest, it wasn't easy. We started out with just 3 people, an idea, and little money. I wasn't sure the idea would stick. The main risk was spending all the money we could raise to build our prototype, just to see it fail. But today, we’ve already fine tuned our prototype with data from 655 early access customers. We make enough money to keep the ball rolling, so we're here to stay. How much funding we get will influence how fast we implement our next features, so you don't risk backing this project and getting nothing in return. In fact, you'll get access to our prototype right away. Building the right features is another challenge. My job is to make sure we build the features you want. My boss is you. To get your feedback, we've set up a special website. There, customers (like yourself?) get to suggest and vote for new features. We implement features with the most votes first, and we've already implemented 5 major features that way. So, we really value customer feedback. And when you become a customer, we will reach out and want to hear from you. You can do this! Training changed my life. I've seen it change the lives of hundreds of people. And it could change your life, too. By giving you strength, discipline, energy, and confidence. But it's hard. That's why we've made Dr. Muscle as easy to use as possible. It automates almost everything. It guides you in real time, and motivates you to get in shape. It's available anytime, anywhere. We're making training a rewarding experience, simple, and fun again. Come get in shape and improve with us. It could change your life.

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