Get started with Raspberry Pi robotics, and coding


You need the Pi Cruiser: a complete Raspberry Pi computing system. With the Pi Cruiser, you will build your own rugged mobile robot you can take on the go! Our bot has been uniquely-designed to include space for electronic prototyping and physical room to add accessories, such as a robotic arm (or whatever you want!). The Pi Cruiser is a great, multidisciplinary experience that lends itself as a fun personal project or for your STEM classroom. The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic learning tool. With the release of the latest Raspberry Pi 4, the capabilities are greater than ever, but figuring out how to get started is frustrating. Eliminate that struggle by giving yourself a high-quality, self-contained mobile system. It is the first integrated Raspberry Pi learning solution. We have created a step-by-step building guide as well as suggested projects for both coding in Scratch and Python. The guide includes everything from writing basic Command Window functions on your Pi to basic movement to programming your own photobooth for your Pi Camera!

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