For Prestige by Corporate Pimp


Designed to be the 1st world renowned full service career coaching and recruiting mobile application.

About Our Campaign

Hello Everyone! We are thrilled and excited that you are viewing our campaign page to raise our first round of funding to develop our career coaching and recruiting mobile app concept, Prestige by The Corporate Pimp!

Before we get into the details, we'd like to share information about us, the team behind it all:

Joshua Caleb Jackson, the visionary professional behind it all, is the author of How to Pimp Corporate America , the founder of The Corporate Pimp, a career counseling agency and most importantly, the co-founder of Prestige by The Corporate Pimp. Joshua graduated from the University of South Florida with his Bachelors in Business Administration and concentrations in Finance and Marketing and earned his Master of Business Administration degree from Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University. Coupled with 13+ years of experience in corporate America with a successful career track trajectory, Joshua believes that his idea to bridge the gap between career coaching and recruiting can be solved with Prestige.

Mathew Thomas Pintauro, the creative and technical genius met Joshua in the spring of 2019 and since then, has been instrumental in developing the branding, UX designing, and videography for Prestige. Mathew joined as a co-founder of Prestige in the fall of 2019. Mathew is a graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design. Mathew wholeheartedly believes in the concept of Prestige and the importance on quality in development.

Now that you know who we are, we would love to share with you more about our campaign and what it means to us. Our campaign is tailored to raise funds to develop the first phase of app development for our app concept, Prestige by The Corporate Pimp.

Our campaign is important to us because we plan to develop our app to achieve the following:

  • Provide confidence for individuals to succeed in corporate America through career advice and tutorials via enhanced video presentations
  • Job candidate matching with prospective employers by way of video résumés
  • Collaborative networking with corporate professionals within member network


With your help, more people will be equipped to take charge of their careers by earning the salaries they deserve, receiving the benefits they desire, and being able to spend more time with their friends and loved ones.


What We Need

Everyone knows its expensive to build an app but for our first phase, we're only in need of $100,000. The breakdown of where this is going is as follows:

  • $65,000 for Mobile App Development
    • Custom UI Features, Professional UX Design, Highly Enhanced Videos, Payment Features, API Integration, Real-Time Features, Employer Web Portal
  • $35,000 for Advertising and Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising, Career Fair Booths & Marketing


The Impact

Our campaign is geared toward solving the following current problems in the workplace:

  • 22% of employees leaving their jobs is due to lack of career development
    • We plan to offer advice via video presentations that will assist an individual's career path
  • 69% of executives rated diversity and inclusion as an important issue
    • We plan to gather a high pool of diverse individuals and match them with employers/recruiters who are searching for diverse talent 
  • 83% of employers believe attracting and retaining talent is a growing hiring challenge
    • We plan to offer our highlighted feature, video résumés as an avenue to streamline the hiring process


What You Get

When donating to our campaign, we created donation levels with perks for you to select from:

  • Tier 1: Appreciation
    • Contribution: $100 - $249
      • How to Pimp Corporate America manuscript
      • Contributor Card
  • Tier 2: Admiration
    • Contribution: $250 - $499
      • Tier 1
      • Embossed Portfolio (with notepad, pen, card)
      • Customized Office Name Plates 
  • Tier 3: Recognition
    • Contribution: $500 - $999
      • Tier 1 & 2
      • Custom Phone Case
      • Corporate Pimp Swag Apparel
  • Tier 4: Respect
    • Contribution: $1,000 - $2,999
      • Tier 1, 2 & 3
      • Dinner for Two
  • Tier 5: Prestigious
    • Contribution: $3,000+
      • Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4
      • Grooming Package
      • Spa Day


Risks & Challenges

We understand that this project is of a massive scope and that we will have more work to complete after this initial round of funding. However, we have scheduled development phases in the future to complete as our app progresses. Our main tasks to combat this challenge are as follows:

  • Kicking off development to see proof of concept
  • Creating milestones to achieve with a dedicated timeline
  • Test the market of the app with universities
  • Other Ways You Can Help

    We understand that times are hard and that you may not be able to contribute at this time, however, tell a friend or loved one about our campaign. We'd greatly appreciate it!