Establish Center To Teach Young People To Self Build



Eco-Visionaries, Self-building Affordable Homes from Wood, Straw, Earth, Tyres…

Making self-building a mainstream choice!

PATÉ (Pure, Absolute, Totally, Eco) is a new business with a mission to train young people self-building eco-homes which are affordable, lasting and environmentally friendly.

Self-building is about building cheaply in an environmentally friendly way. Designing buildings that are sustainable from the outset, finding solutions, making the building sector fit for the future.

Our current project is setting up a teaching centre in Portugal  where weather allows all year trainings. In the UK we work from April to October as its outdoors work. 

This training centre is where youngsters of all ages will carry out projects with appropriate, reusable materials such as earth, straw, wood and tyres. Learning skills for a quality of life which they may think is beyond their reach.

 This new paradigm is going back to history, learning how to build a future that nourishes Earth and family life. Bringing self-building into the mainstream.

Our sponsors will know the value of peaceful coexistence with Earth balancing human life with natural resources and considering other species.

Purpose of this project

We intend trailblazing the homes market  with tested, life altering trainings, using traditional eco-building methods, old fashioned values, new possibilities for family life.   

Self and community building of affordable eco-homes, just may be the next bubble. 

Fantastic article - 'Earthly Powers' Louis Wustemann, Financial Times 21-22 March 2020



Budget notes,

Any funds over this amount will facilitate online presentations to create awareness and excitement around the concept of what is possible for them in the area of eco-self building. During this period when people are looking for new opportunities, we offer a vision for a brighter future.

Beyond £25,000 funds will be used as a reserve fund, for marketing and towards the courses and extending the land.

We look forward to going to colleges with introductory talks.

Website building, expanding the team, developing relationships with colleges, the media and customers,, as well as online introductions and teaching.

We look forward to spending set up time in Portugal with the local community furthering those supportive relationships and giving this project the time it deserves to develop successfully. 


Further information

Some of the most accomplished UK trainers will be part of this project and glad to have the opportunity to work through winter months.  These are professional trainers with passion & expertise, teaching theory and practise of eco-building, bringing skills, pride and hope to young people and families.

Automation of industry and commerce is allowing people to have more time, though possibly less money. This creates the opportunity to consider self-building your own home. Sharing this profound experience with family and friends makes lasting bonds, communities and strengthens relationships. 


I'm Ann Gylman, I studied English Literature, I set up the first walk in pregnancy testing clinic in UK, in Leicester, so women could have an immediate result and privacy.

I worked in property management for some years until I founded my own property management company, which I sold to move to Brighton. It is still thriving today.

I've managed, refurbished and restored properties in the UK and in France. I trained in eco self-building with Brighton Permaculture Trust and I'm heading this project to transform the housing market. To create awareness of the benefits of self-building and to make it a mainstream choice.    

Housing costs are a person's biggest regular outgoing, either mortgage or rent.  Young people are finding it increasingly difficult or impossible to finance, they don’t know how they’re going to pay for a home in the future. BUT, job automation, means less money BUT more time.

Bringing self-building into the mainstream as a valid choice, saves many thousands of pounds in costs and interest payments.

The great Mark Twain said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

Ones own home, built with love!!



Our expectation is that we can be a viable business in 2 years.

A woman said recently she was out of work but wanted to contribute.  I asked her if she could give £1, she said yes, but was it worth it? We agreed it was and she would ask her friends to put in £1. She promised to send £10, and she did. We really appreciate that she did this and kickstarted this campaign. Please know that we value and appreciate every gesture of support.

Another woman sent  £1,000. 

Sponsors for this project are aware that changes are needed in the housing market.

UK statistics show prior to CV19 that 180 people daily were being evicted from their home.

Every contribution brings us closer to supporting people to self-build secure homes, youngsters, parents and grandparents are a powerful group financially and energetically.

The cost of eco self-building is affordable, without excessive mortgage debt.

Our intention is to bring ecological self-building into the mainstream, giving people purpose and choice. 

Our contributors will be celebrated, remembered and  known for their foresight and generosity.

Heroes are the pioneers of this new paradigm - the researchers, the developers, the contributors to life that works for everyone. 


Self and community building of sustainable eco-homes is perhaps the next bubble. 

We promise to give information and trainings on how to build safe, long-lasting buildings in a community based on fellowship, humanity, teamwork, self-reliance and pride. 

I’m imagining people with strong family values, philanthropists who are aware of social problems, and who are seeing a bigger picture.  They are adventurous, open to both old and new ideas for affordable, sustainable freehold, family housing, wanting old fashioned family values reinstated.

In gratitude, Ann 


Risks & Challenges

If we raise less than the full amount we will continue campaigning.

We'll prepare as much as possible during the pandemic, knowing we are preparing information and putting plans in place for those who want to learn more about self-building 

My daughter said, "When this is over, everyone will be running for the hills to self-build" 


Other Ways You Can Help

Please share our campaign to as many people as possible, giving them the choice to contribute and learn about eco self-building. 

You could be opening a door for a friend or someone they know.  

Please contribute what you can.

Were looking forward to sharing our progress with you and to seeing you in Portugal in the future.