Emergency Hardship Appeal For Kingston University Students


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kingston University has launched an emergency appeal for our Student Hardship Fund. We want to ensure that our students are supported through this crisis and we are already seeing an influx of students requiring help.
We are proud to have a long history of welcoming people of any and all backgrounds to Kingston, with a particular focus on those people less likely to have the opportunity to go to University.
This includes those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, those with disabilities or caring responsibilities, and students estranged from their families or from care-experienced backgrounds.
These students are far more vulnerable to the effects of the current pandemic than students who have safe family homes to return to and families who are able to help financially in times of crisis. These students have already overcome incredible odds to make it to university and we want to make sure this crisis doesn't put a premature end to their studies.
In addition to this, the vast majority of our students have at least one part-time job, and many hold down two or three alongside their studies. Students are overwhelmingly part of the 'gig economy', or in casual work on zero hours contracts in sectors being particularly hard hit - hospitality, childcare, pubs and clubs.
39% of our students are from families with an income of under £25,000, and so the safety net of the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' doesn't exist. Our students are doing all they can to transform their life chances, and we don't want this crisis to stop them.
Where will the money go?
100% of money raised will be directed towards our Student Hardship Fund to help with the exceptional applications the team are already beginning to receive. We would like to provide an additional £20,000 in immediately available funding so that the team are able to respond rapidly to the needs of students.
Funds will be prioritised for current applications, but if we raise more than is needed for our students during the coming months it will be available as part of our Hardship Funding for the next academic year.
We appreciate that this is a very difficult time for many people and you may not be in a position to support us. Sharing with your friends and colleagues will go a huge way in ensuring we can support the students that need it.