Emergency Appeal For Funds Latin American Women's Aid


When #StayHome isn't safe...

To #stayhome is not safe for women facing domestic violence. As women are now trapped with perpetrators, they are at higher risk of violence.

To #stayhome means no income for women who face financial abuse, or find themselves with no safety net around them.

The situation is critical. In the last week, most of our refuge residents were let go from their jobs. They now have no income and are unable to meet even their most basic needs, like buying food, sanitary products, soap, nappies and milk.

We are using our Emergency Fund with 2 aims: to provide our residents with what they need to live dignified lives and crucially, to increase the hours of our online emergency advice line, giving women a lifeline when it is not safe for them to pick up the phone.

We desperately need to raise 5k to add to our Emergency Fund. This will enable us to continue supporting the 14 families in our refuges as well as the women out there who need our help.

Please donate today. With your support, we can ensure some of the most vulnerable families in our society have a fighting chance at normality.

Our Mission

We pursue our mission by putting into practice the ethics and values ​​of sorority rooted in both intersectional feminism and community feminism. Based on the traditions of black feminism, we recognize the role played by intersectional identities in people’s lives. Therefore, we base LAWA’s work on an intersectional approach, to support women through our services, while recognizing their right to self-determination.

In the same way, we integrate our ethics and practices in Latin American community feminism, which originated with indigenous women in Bolivia and Guatemala. This means that our feminist practice is built within the community through collective, rather than individual, approaches to change, and using popular creative methodologies that are accessible to all. It is from this communitarian and decolonial feminist position that, as Latin American women, we recognize our history and struggle against on-going colonialist-patriarchal forms of violence and oppression.