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Meet DigitAize – the innovative digital mapping system for acoustic string instruments. If you play the violin, viola, cello or double bass, then take your time to discover all the great possibilities that open up through DigitAize! DigitAize is an innovative technology, introducing a digital mapping system for use with acoustic musical instruments. Our sensor-based technology can be mounted onto any string instrument and allows you to control virtual sounds, use real-time auto pitch-correction, live-notation - all this in a true polyphonic system with the lowest latency you shall ever experience.

DigitAize is the perfect tool for music-making: it gives you the freedom to play your own instrument whilst also opening up the immense potential of digital music-making.

Sounds interesting? Take a closer look at our newly developed technology…

I. Control virtual sounds with our fully digital fingerboard. Wanna play drums on your violin? Check this out:

II. Control synthesizer and samplers and shape them in a unique way. DigitAize brings virtual sounds to life:

III. Use the build-in gyroscope to control MIDI-parameters and shape your sounds:


IV. Perform real-time notation on any digital notation software.

V. Visualize and monitor the movements on your instrument. Keep track of the instrument movements, monitor its position and create beautiful personalized visuals:


DigitAize is an innovative digital mapping system for acoustic string instruments. You can mount it onto any violin, viola, cello or double-bass. We have created complete solutions for easy integration regardless of the sizes and scale lengths. Thanks to our adaptable housing, DigitAize will fit any instrument.

In this pack you will get our patented sensor and the hardware module. With easy step-by-step instructions you will be guided through the mounting process. This pack includes 3 sensors, 1 DigitAize device, a wooden box to store the removable hardware module and 1 microUSB charging cable.

DigitAize Pack - includes 3 foils, 1 digitAize module, 1 wooden box, micro-USB charging cable and mounting instructions

DigitAize can be mounted on any string instrument. Together with DigitAize you will get the access to our powerful software infrastructure (read below...).

!! Be careful to chose this pack if you play Violin, Viola or Cello !!

Oversize instrument - special conditions. Be careful to choose this pack if you play Double Bass. Also here DigitAize can be mounted on any double bass. This pack includes 2 sensors, 1 DigitAize device, a wooden box to store the removable hardware module and 1 microUSB charging cable.

3. DigitAize for Violin

You can also order DigitAize directly mounted on an acoustic violin. In this case you get a complete DigitAize factory-mounted on the instrument, so you won´t have to care about the mounting and calibrating procedure:

Choose DigitAize Violin Set to get a fully mounted instrument. Just turn it on and start creating music


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  • DigitAize Education - we encourage innovative e-learning methods for musical education and endorse many music schools in evolving in this direction. With your reward you can gift a school with a DigitAize instrument and allow the next generation of young musicians to learn music in a new way.

Before you get started, let us give you a more detailed insight on our product. Discover all the components that make DigitAize unique:

DigitAize uses a patented high-resolution sensor, directly attached to the instrument. What it does? It keeps track of your finger movements while playing. It consists of a multi-layer construction, ultra-thin and ultra-precise.

Ouf foil is the result of years of research and optimization. There is a patent pending on this technology

Our foil is the result of years of research and optimization and we have a patent pending on this technology.

Its high resolution is mind-blowing: the 12-bit converters provide up to 4096 values, which means that roughly 150 contact points fit under your fingertip. Even the slightest movement on the fingerboard is registered, making it the most powerful mapping system ever designed for any acoustic string instrument.

Its patented multi-layer construction is the result of years of research and optimization. We studied the integration on the instrument carefully, thus developing over 7 different prototypes.

Our patented sensor works as a second skin, measuring your precise finger position. It´s thin construction will literally disappear on the fingerboard

The sound of your precious violin should never be manipulated, and we, as musicians ourselves, understand it well - that's why we put so much effort to let the DigitAize literally disappear on your instrument: it works like a second skin.

This is the hearth of our system and we baked a lot of fancy tech into such a little device. Our goal was to put together all that is needed for making music, not more, not less.

DigitAize is made to fit on any acoustic instrument. You will be able to adjust it and make it fit perfectly on your string instrument

Inside this tiny shell we packed:

  • 4 ultra-precise analog to digital converters.
  • High-quality digital microphone that allows you to stream your audio wirelessly
  • A digital mems-piezo microphone for perfectly tracking the volume of your microphone, with perfect noise cancellation system from external noises.
  • A high-resolution gyroscope and accelerometer that keep track of even the tiniest movement on the instrument.
  • USB rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours life
  • Low latency Bluetooth and WIFI modules to stream all data

We combined cutting-edge technology and high-end design to create this unique digital instrument, empowering you with new possibilities, to enhance your creative ideas.

We worked hand-in-hand with instrument makers and luthiers and spent countless hours designing the best possible integration on the instrument, reducing the acoustical and optical impact to the minimum.

The module is, unbelievably, only 7 mm high and 50 mm long and weighs just 20 g, fitting perfectly under the fingerboard of a violin.

DigitAize Connect is the invisible bridge connecting your instrument to the major audio-workstations and music making software on your computer.

We put great attention to every detail, to make DigitAize literally merge with your instrument. Modern times set demanding challenges for artists and innovators: DigitAize is our instrument, to empower your imaginative mind.

Here all the features of DigitAIze at a glance...

  • Real-time pitch tracking

Control virtual sounds, a separate midi channel for each string and real-time auto pitch-correction, enabling a polyphonic live notation.

  • Track instrument motion in real-time

Visualize movements, track and record exact position, use gestures to trigger parameters or visualize graphics.

  • Digital audio signal streaming

Record audio wirelessly, keep track of intonation, control digital sound envelopes

  • MIDI Device

Unlimited MIDI channel and CC customization possible, customize parameters, control each string simultaneously, choose between monophonic and polyphonic MIDI, choose different playing modes: using tapping (playing without bow) or bow mode. Open strings detection might be slightly limited (depending on the instrument).

  • Access raw data via open terminal

Get unfiltered, raw data for research and academic applications, access to up to 12 different parameters streamed live.

  • Usability and Innovation

Non-invasive mounting on any instrument, strong and durable components, 5 hours plus battery life, patented sensor-based technology, multiple connection possibilities via Bluetooth and WIFI

Of course, every great hardware needs a robust software to support it. During a long and complex feature analysis and developing period, we created an easy yet powerful software architecture that gives you immense freedom of expression.

Let´s discover it!

DigitAize Connect is the invisible bridge connecting your instrument to the major audio-workstations and music making software on your computer.

There's almost unlimited scope for controlling the data from your instrument; routing MIDI channels, customizing MIDI AND CC, exporting raw data in higher resolution, visualizing 3D movement, setting advanced tuning options (as well as quarter tones!).

  • Connect to your instrument in multiple ways, using Bluetooth, WIFI or Hotspot connection
  • Connect multiple DigitAize instruments simultaneously, making music with your friends
  • Get real-time notation with your instrument: Write music just by playing it.
  • Get great 3D graphical visualization of the instrument movements allowing real-time motion tracking
  • Customize MIDI channels and parameters, such as Pitch Bend, Aftertouch or ADSR, with the CC-matrix
  • Open terminal for data stream – get the raw, unfiltered data using OSC protocol
  • Compatible with the most common audio workstations:
DigitAize Connect is compatibly with the major audio workstations

The software also features a large collection of graphic interactive games, making practicing or playing music a lot of fun!

Our software is the perfect bridge between your instrument and your computer. This powerful background application let´s you customize every parameter for the greatest flexibility of application

Why not playing duets with your smartphone? Just saying….

  • Visualize and monitor your instruments mouvement directly from your smartphone
monitor your instruments mouvement directly from your smartphone
  • Monitor your digital fingerboard from your smartphone and record MIDI-track on-the-fly
visualize your digital fingerboard and record in-App MIDI tracks

The DigitAize App is the FIRST EVER App to connect directly to your acoustic instrument.It provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to work on your music anywhere.

You can easily record MIDI tracks on-the-fly or just practice using the build-in metronome and advanced tuner.

The App lets you also share your recordings on the fly.

Have a look at all the cool features of this powerful tool:

  • Connect using WIFI or Bluetooth
  • Record, edit and create music. Easily create MIDI and Audio Recordings on the fly and export or share them from the App.
  • Practice using the build-in tuner and metronome
  • Keep track of the tuning of each string individually with advanced tuner options
  • Catch and manage all streamed data, allowing communication with the major audio workstations and music-making software

Experience your instrument in a completely new way with the DigitAize Smartphone App!

Our hardware module is literally a powerhouse in a nutshell. At a glance:

We worked hand-in-hand with instrument makers and luthiers and spent countless hours, conceiving and designing the best possible integration with the instrument, reducing the acoustic and optical impact to an absolute minimum. We gave great attention to small details to make DigitAize be able to literally merge with your instrument.

We worked hand-in-hand with instrument makers and luthiers and spent countless hours designing the best possible integration on the instrument, reducing the acoustical and optical impact to the minimum. We put great attention in little details, to make DigitAize literally merge with your instrument.

Have you ever struggled to practice on the train, in a plane, car or at a station? Have you ever got this will to practice but you don't have your instrument with you cause you simply can't take it everywhere? We have what you need! We are working now on a new gadget for string players – a special pocket fingerboard, that can be put anywhere, allowing you to practice without your instrument everywhere! And you can connect it to your smartphone to hear the sound. Cool, right? It will allow you to capture, visualize and evaluate the playing activity, your 3D-position and motion from your smartphone.

We are also working on extending the principle of DigitAize to wind instruments as well. Our most recent project focuses on a new flute digital mapping system which will allow to translate classical wind instruments to the computer in real-time. We are close to producing fully-digital sensors that will be integrated into acoustic wind instruments. To keep updated with our projects.

We, Alessandro and Rafal, are NIMIKRY - a Vienna based experimental composer-performer duo. In 2015 we met at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where we were both studying. We have a very classical musical education, but our hearth beats for contemporary, experimental music. Out of our creative curiosity and curious artistic research, we suddenly found each other working in a very similar direction: we both wanted, as eager instrumentalists, to develop our instruments further, go beyond their limits.

And so, we joined forces and started first to make music together. And our approach was from the start very unconventional: making music together for us meant to find a new language to communicate together, and this through our own prototypes, which we were developing. After sleepless nights working on new sounds, soldering components, coding audio effects, we started to find our own language. Since then, we compose our music four-hands.

And finally, not students anymore, we engaged on this new challenge of bringing the results of our artistic and technological research to you! Our work combines technological innovation and artistic research on the highest level. We developed digital mapping systems as well as new amplification methods for our acoustic instruments and use this technologies for new artistic solutions. Modern times set demanding challenges for artists and innovators. And NIMIKRY displays our very own perception of the musical reality.

DigitAize is the result of our long artistic and technological research to expand the possibilities of acoustic instruments into the digital world. We are happy to share this innovative product with you!

Alessandro // I come from Italy, I am composer, instrument-maker, flautist, performer and inventor. Since my early years of education, I was interested in building stuff using my hands, I have a great passion for design, graphics and handwriting music.

I develop the design of the product, as well as the GUI of our softwares and the graphical aspect of DigitAize and am responsible for the development of features.

Rafal // I come from Poland, I am viola-player, composer, programmer and inventor. I cultivate a strong affection for electronic music, contemporary classical and drum&bass. After playing my way through many bands in Poland, I moved to Austria to pursuit my studies.

I develop the software and hardware architecture for DigitAize. I am also responsible for the technological integration of DigitAize with other softwares.

Discover our music:

Being musicians ourselves we know the needs of creative people and we have designed our products from this point of view: our products are from musicians for musicians. And they will always be.

  • Accessibility and child education

Music had an enormous impact on our life, and we believe that it is so for everyone.

We see great potential for our instruments to allow people with hearing disabilities to make music and learn a musical instrument. At the same time, we are working on the possibilities to use our technology for musical education in early stage.

The possibility to visualize data in real-time, can be extremely helpful for this and we are working currently on extending our software infrastructure, creating new visual-auditive interactions.

  • Music research

Our technology can be a powerful tool for music research institutes, because it can guarantee a high-resolution capturing technology at a minimal invasivity, thus not influencing testing results. Especially for the research oriented towards the analysis of the instrument-instrumentalist interaction or vibro-tactile feedback on musical instruments, DigitAize can have a great impact, opening up many new fields of research.

Our engagement in education started together with the development of our new instruments. We think it is crucial to invest energies and creativity for the younger generations. Our team is constantly active in workshops, lectures and other educational projects both at universities and music schools. We are happy that this technology opens up completely new possibilities and we are eager to use this powerful instruments in the future. We decided therefore to invest part of this project also to bring DigitAize in music schools and universities.

If you want to endorse us in our mission, choose the Education Packs in the list of pledges and make sure a music school gets DigitAize. Start a little revolution with us!

We greatly appreciate your support and are excited to bring our DigitAize products in the hands of our backers! Here is a little road-map for the campaign:

1. During the campaign: Choose your tier from the exciting list of rewards we’ve put together, then select your shipping country and proceed to check-out. The money you pledge will only be booked when the campaign ends and is successfully funded. DigitAize works on any string instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass).

You don´t need to tell us straight away which instrument you play. This will be done after the campaign.

2. After the campaign: Once the campaign is over, we’ll send you a survey confirming the details of your pledge and asking for your shipping address, as well as other details. All data about gifts, sizes, instrument type, special requests will be handled during this period.

Note: In some countries our products might be subjected to import custom taxes. Please be aware, that we do not cover such expenses and you will be subjected to some additional costs, when buying our products from: USA, Japan, Switzerland, Russia and South Korea.

Risks and Challenges

Creating a new technology for string instruments, which are produced today in the same fashion as in the 18th century, was indeed a great challenge. We believe that innovation is crucial also for such a traditional instrument, in order to really value their timeless quality. - We are working hand in hand with our manufacturers for over 2 years to improve our technology and test it further. - We are improving the production and preparing for serial production. - We are testing the initial mechanical parts of the new housing system straight from the factory. - We’ve tested multiple designs, optimizing for international certifications and long-term quality. - Our firmware and software development are well underway, which means the prototypes you see in the videos are actually making music!