Need Funds For Craft Brewpub, Draft Pours, Beer Stat Control


We all love great craft beer and we think it should be treated with the respect it deserves. Forget cans and bottles: great craft beer should be served fresh from the keg and on tap, and for this you need a kegerator. Unfortunately today's kegerators are pretty lame. They don't serve your beer at precise temperatures, you can't learn about the beer or even figure out what's on tap, and they certainly don't tell you how much beer you have left. That's why we invented KegSmarts™, the world's smartest craft beer kegerator. KegSmarts™ brings the brewhouse to your house! Now you can enjoy craft beer like you do at your favorite craft brewery but in the comfort of your own home! Already have your own kegerator? We've got you covered! We make an add-on kit that allows you upgrade your existing kegerator with KegSmarts™. Homebrewer? We're the guys who invented the world's first fully-automatic all grain beer-brewing appliance, KegSmarts™ was designed to work seamlessly with Zymatic® and allow you to ferment your beer automatically and serve it perfectly.

How in the world did we think of the smart kegerator? Pull up a chair, there's a story here.

PicoBrew was started in 2010 by two brothers, Bill and Jim Mitchell and their friend Avi Geiger. The Mitchells were avid home brewers, while Avi was a craft beer aficionado. Since Bill had been whiling away his time inventing things like smartphones and smartwatches, and Jim had been goofing off, pioneering food inventions with his famous grandfather (of Pop Rocks and Tang fame), it was almost a foregone conclusion that when they got together they would create the world's first automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance. The three beer-loving partners introduced their invention, the award-winning PicoBrew Zymatic®, to the world in the Fall of 2013. It was their first Kickstarter campaign. They were nervous. But thanks to craft beer lovers like you, they crushed their funding goal in a mere 24 hours, and went on to become the 2nd most successful Kickstarter Food campaign at the time.

Avi was not satisfied, however. Now he had a limitless supply of great craft beer, but no way to really enjoy the craft brew experience home! A long sequence of prototypes followed. "The ultimate kegerator project" snapped into focus in the Spring of 2014 when the team had the epiphany that a keg-tower-mounted solution would enable both new and existing kegerators to "get keg smarts". With diligent effort fueled by lots of beer-testing, the product nears completion now, which is why we need your help....

We're ready to go to production. But production costs money. And we need to be sure that there are enough craft-beer lovers out there like us who think a smart kegerator is a good idea to pull this trigger.. Are we crazy? Maybe we'll find out. If you make a pledge today you can help bring KegSmarts™ to market, and prove us sane. And of course, we have rewards for you to thank you for your support!

Risks and Challenges

Our business centers on bringing the craft beer experience home to you in the form of great-looking products that perform in unique ways. We have already manufactured our first (Kickstarter-backed) product, the Zymatic, so we have experienced the trials and tribulations of bringing a complex product to market. Nevertheless, there are always risks such as: MANUFACTURING: We experienced several problems with the tooling of our first product, and while we think we have our ducks in a row this time, there are always risks when making products that require manufacturing steps. FULFILLMENT: Again, we experienced challenges in the UPS shipping of Zymatic -- large heavy packages sometimes get banged up in shipping. We think we have the packaging expertise to handle this problem well first-time this time around, but again, we may run into new issues. INTERNATIONAL: We're mitigating our international risk this time by only shipping to US and Canada. International regulations (like CE Mark) add a whole separate layer of complexity to shipping products. Help us make KegSmarts a reality by pledging today. THANK YOU for you support!