BADbandanas 100% Cotton And 100% Bad Personal Hygiene



I love traditional bandanas. For a long time, I have wanted to design one with a little extra pizzazz. In this case, peppered with the added menace of angry paisleys, monsters, pests, a plethora of bats...the world’s first BADbandana.

Don with prototype. Approximate color.
Don with prototype. Approximate color.

I’m going to reproduce this drawing as a 21-inch square bandana. White creatures on traditional deep blue background. These bandanas will be 100 percent cotton printed right here in the good-old USA. (Dyed, not that stiff, obnoxious silkscreening we all hate.)

What do you get? A total of more than 400 obnoxious creatures. All combined into a serenely symmetrical composition that is an homage to the paisley-enriched bandanas of yesteryear.

Bandanas have so many uses in fashion, personal hygiene, and piracy. No one is going to want just one. So I’m offering reward levels of BADbandanas in packs of three.

BADbandanas make superb gifts. So even if you aren’t a big fan of bandanas, you may want to get a bunch to share with your friends, family, and favorite cowboys.

Do you need a reminder of how you can use your BADbandanas?


Yes, more Calamityware plate designs are coming in 2015. I’ll keep doing them until you’re sick of them...or I am. I hope calamitous bread plates, bowls, and mugs can get into the mix too. Watch for email updates or like the Calamityware Facebook page for fresh news. Meanwhile, if you have gaps in your Calamityware plate collection or need gifts, visit

Isn’t it obvious that BADbandanas will make excellent napkins for use with your Calamityware plates?

Risks and Challenges

The basic techniques of making bandanas are centuries old. But even this simple and mature technology can probably still go wrong in surprising ways. I’ve learned from my previous Kickstarter projects that fiascoes lurk everywhere. [Cue the inspirational music] I can’t promise you that this project will unfold smoothly. It might. But based on recent experience, I doubt that. I’ll do all I can to anticipate problems and vanquish threats. For example, I’m now aligned with a new shipping team (Fulfillrite) for this project in hopes that your rewards will be sent in a much more timely and transparent manner. So far, they have been wonderful to work with. Whatever happens, I promise to get my sponsors whimsical bandanas as soon as possible after the project closes. Your BADbandanas will reach you in good condition and be ready to enjoy—a distinctive blend of beauty, utility, and humor.