Animals in the anthropocene! Help us to save the animals & there world


Thirty photojournalists on the front lines of animal suffering worldwide.

HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene is an unflinching book of photography about our conflict with non-human animals around the globe. Through the lenses of thirty award-winning photojournalists, HIDDEN shines a light on the invisible animals in our lives; those with whom we have a close relationship and yet fail to see. They are the animals we eat and wear. The animals we use for research, work, and for entertainment, as well as the animals we sacrifice in the name of tradition and religion. HIDDEN is a historical document, a memorial, and an indictment of what is and should never again be.  HIDDEN needs to be seen by as many people as possible, and this can only happen with your support. ​

Thank you for visiting our crowdfunding page. I’m Jo-Anne McArthur, a Canadian photojournalist as well as the founder of We Animals Media (WAM). My vision for this ground-breaking new book was inspired by the war photography that has shaped history. Images of conflict and suffering have always played a crucial role in exposing atrocities and galvanizing the masses. In her book Regarding the Pain of Others, political activist Susan Sontag asks who should look at suffering? When is it useful to do so? The answer is that anyone who can help should look, and that is all of us. Billions of animals suffer needlessly each day within the constructs we’ve built. We believe that the time to bear witness is now. Will you help animals by joining us to get these images seen?​


HIDDEN represents the work of thirty photojournalists who have - and continue to - document animal stories. These photographers are the heroes who work globally to investigate and expose animal use. Their exhaustive and in depth work has resulted in some of the most compelling and historic images of animals that we have seen. Among them are (in alphabetical order): Aaron Gekoski, Aitor Garmendia, Andrew Skowron, Britta Jaschinski, Daniel Beltrá, Djurattsalliansen, Francesco Pistilli, Jan van Ijken, Joan de la Malla, Jo-Anne McArthur, Jose Valle, Kelly Guerin, Kristo Muurimaa, Konrad Lozinski, Louise Jorgensen, Luis Tato, Moving Animals, Murdo MacLeod, Paul Hilton, Sabine Grootendorst, Selene Magnolia, Stefano Belacchi, Tamara Kenneally, Timo Stammberger, with many others to be announced!

The work of our contributors has been celebrated by Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer of the Year, Festival della Fotographia Etica, Alfred Fried Peace Award, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, World Press Photo, NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism, Sony World Photography Awards, Picture of the Year International, Latin International Photography Award, DAYS Japan, and Prix de la Photographie.

Our photographers have also been published in and interviewed by publications such as National Geographic, GEO, BBC Discover Wildlife, The Guardian, CNN, Telegraph, New Scientist, Newsweek, The Sunday Times, Nikon Pro, Black+White Photography, Vice, La Repubblica and The Washington Post. Additionally, their work has been used in animal advocacy campaigns worldwide.




Your support will make this epic undertaking a reality. We say “epic” because we are producing a tome, heavy in content and actual weight. At 304 pages, 9.5 x 12.5in and hard cover, this is a 5lb book which goes to print in Italy on September 7th, 2020.


  • Portrait Format - Dimension 320x240 mm - 12.6" x 9.5"
  • 304 pages
  • Approximately 200 historic images
  • 4-colour printing
  • 3 gatefold spreads
  • Hard cover + foil stamping & debossing
  • Printed on sustainably sourced paper
  • Collectible limited edition

When you purchase your copy of HIDDEN or one of our perks, you’ll be helping us to reach our crowdfunding goal of $65,000 CAD. Our funding tiers start with the purchase of one book and end with opportunities to become Publishing Partners.

Our costs include: 

  • Printing! We will be printing 1500 copies of this hard cover first edition
  • An honorarium to each contributing photographer, which will help keep them in the field, doing this important work that is often unpaid, and executed at great personal risk
  • The purchase of archival images
  • Book shipping and environmentally friendly packaging  – at 5lbs, shipping is going to be a big expense!
  • Distribution
  • Advertising and PR
  • Travel costs and overhead for conferences to present the book globally in 2021
  • The people working on this book: the time of the co-editors, the designer, the colour editor, the project manager, as well as the We Animals Media team working on design, copy, social media, and video production for this book.

HIDDEN will be published by We Animals Media. As a result, any profit from HIDDEN will go directly into funding animal photojournalism and continuing to build our We Animals Archive , which makes images freely available to anyone helping animals.


We gratefully recognize the partners who have supported HIDDEN with funding leading up to our crowdfunding campaign. 

Animals Australia is our first Senior Publishing Partner. This generous donation contributes specifically  to the very practical reality of book-making: distribution, fulfillment, and shipping, helping us to deliver these 5lb books around the world. 

Animal Equality, Anima International, Stephane Perrais, and Leila Boujnane are Founding Supporters. Their generous donation helps us to cover the extensive start-up costs of creating this historic book.

Casey Fisher is a Patron to the Photographers. Patrons help provide each contributing photographer with a larger honorarium for their contributions to this book.

We're tremendously grateful to these long time friends of Jo-Anne and We Animals Media! Please see our perks if you'd like to become a Publishing Partner.


Your investment in this book through our crowdfunding campaign is your stamp of support and solidarity with our vision to help make visible the stories of animals and create a kinder world for all. The stories within its pages are revelatory and brutal. They are proof of the emergency confronting animals globally, from industrial farming to climate change, and provide valuable insight into the relevance of animal suffering to human health. With the current Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc, never has a book been more relevant to the future of all animals, human and non-human alike. HIDDEN will help propel us into a new era of (re)considering our relationship with animals.


The animals you will meet in this book are important, and the documentation of their lives is one crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to animal justice. HIDDEN serves as a document that gives credibility to the coverage of its subject matter. Painful and graphic images are often overlooked by mainstream media, and they need a home that won’t disappear in the frenzy of social media or the daily news. HIDDEN creates historic representation, and we will make sure the the book will reach changemakers in the world of journalism, policy, and campaigning.


We Animals Media’s previous crowdfunding campaigns have proven successful, each exceeding our goals, bringing our powerful books, We Animals (2014), and Captive (2017) to life. We hope you'll watch the video we’ve made, pre-order your copy of HIDDEN, and share this campaign. In doing so, you will be helping us produce, print, and distribute this hardcover first edition of HIDDEN. The book will retail for $95, which means you are receiving a $17 discount as an initial funder, and an even greater discount on the purchase of multiple copies.

Only with your support can HIDDEN become a positive turning point in the campaign to redefine humankind’s relationship with their fellow animals. A future that consigns animal suffering to the past.

Thank you for your continued support!

With gratitude and resilience,

Jo, Keith, and the We Animals Media team

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