All In One Eireless Charger Dock Charges For All Your Devices


MagDock is the new ultimate all-in-one wireless charging dock for all your devices, a standby power bank monitored by IoT technology, and a zip-&-go traveling kit for all the power you need on the go.


MagDock = All-in-one Wireless Charger + Smart Power Bank + Zip-&-Go Travel Kit



MagDock is the new ultimate all-in-one wireless charging dock for all your devices, a standby power bank monitored by IoT technology, and a zip-&-go traveling kit for all the power you need on the go.



The age of wireless charging is coming. But do we really need it?

You can't watch videos with comfortable view angle when charging with a wireless charging pad. 


You may find your phone battery flat in the morning. A slight knock can move your device out of place and stop it charging.


We thought the Apple Airpower would save us until we tried to charge a watch with a linked loop band:


We still believe in wireless charging, but it needs some revolutionary improvements. We wanted something really useful and convenient. So we created MagDock.

As Your All-in-One Wireless Charger


The MagDock can charge up to 3 of your devices all at once. A convenient stand for all your devices that dispenses with the mess of cables and the limited USB sockets you may have near you.

The devices that you can charge on MagDock include;

  • Twist and Dock


The innovative design of a twistable top has taken your standard charging dock, and turned it into a convenient stand for your devices and for you!

  • Using Whilst Charging


The twistable design allows you to adjust it for the best viewing angles you need. You can even facetime with your friends hands-free whilst charging it.


  • Auto-Align Magnetic Design

We know that feeling, you find your phone battery still flat after charging over-night on the charging pad. Something unexpected knocked it off from charging area accidentally, the kids, the pet or even you. 

With the MagDock, this can’t happen anymore.

Embedded with magnets whilst not interfering with the wireless charging, MagDock auto aligns your phone once being attached on. Your phone would stick on the charging area tightly and being charged continuously. 


  • Zero Light Emittance

Without any light indicators, MagDock has no light leakage while charging your devices and is ideal as a nightstand charger and organizer. 


  • As Your Portable Power Bank  

Inbuilt with a 7800mAh battery, MagDock is a back-up power bank too. More importantly, MagDock charges itself and it is always ready for your next use. Whenever you need a power bank, it is there. 

No matter you're waiting for the flight during your trip:

Or reading the latest work report at Cafe;

Or going for a relaxing outdoor adventure, whenever you need it, just grab it and it ensures your device never runs out of power!

Also, the power bank has a large capacity of 7800 mAh, which supports 2 charges of iPhone X or 25 charges of Apple Watch 3.

Note: Inbuilt power bank is available in only MagDock Pro version.  


  • Undirected Single-Port Design

Simplicity is the hidden complexity. With the undirected single-port design, any way you plug in is the right way of charging.


And there are more...

As Your Zip-&-Go Travel Kit


We provide an optional premium travel pouch. So every time you go for a trip, storing your MagDock in the pouch, zip and go. Say goodbye to messy cables when being on the go or fly.


And with the 30W PD adaptor supplied, which charges both MagDock and even laptop, the MagDock is all the power you need for your trip.


  • Smart Track Your Charging  

MagDock’s companion app keeps track of charging and lets you know whether the device on is charging or not. Available for iOS & Android.

You will be notified if the MagDock battery is low, fully charged, or unplugged from the mains socket accidentally:

 The companion APP is available for iOS & Android.

  • Optional Extra Wireless Charger Pad

More than one device needs charging? You can always expand the wireless charging for more devices with the additional optional charger pad - MagPad.


MagPad is actually a 10W wireless charger and can be used independently to charge any Qi-compatible devices, including the new AirPods that Apple plans to launch this year.

And there's more...

  • Reusable Nano Gel Base  

Stability is reliability. Whether you are attaching or removing devices, you will never have any vibration, moving or sliding of the MagDock. The Nano gel base provides a secure base allowing the MagDock to always stick in the right place.

  • Fits for Different Apple Watch Cases & Bands

 Note: All 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm ledges are included in the package.