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Aircon Watch is a new, revolutionary product that will allow you to get that much-needed thermal satisfaction without disturbing a soul. You can warm yourself up or cool yourself down, even if you are out in the scorching sun, or in a frigid winter’s night.

We will continue to provide the best product possible and most importantly, we will not limit our self to any one region or country, as everyone is entitled to try our technology. Like we said in our campaign use it any place, any time. By the way, we can give you the reassurance that we will ship our product for two main reasons: one we are based of Hong Kong one of the biggest ports in the world shipping products every where in the world, and we will work with the best to get the product to our backers, and two China is so close that we will be able to fix any issue with the assembly line at any time within hours. So rest assured that we will give you the best posible product available on the market. In respect to our product we have developed a product that will not only give you cold or hot at the push of a button, but we have actually taken the time to think about the person that`s going to use our product. We have created a simplistic user interaction, so that a child will know how to use our product. We have also created a more traditional style of watch, making it even more user friendly so that anyone can use it. Our interchangeable straps will give you the confidence that you need to be able to wear your Aircon Watch with any clothes you desire. Apart from all those things we think that we live in a world were wireless technology is a must, so why would you connect your watch to an ugly cable. The Aircon Watch uses a magnetically attached wireless charging that we will provide in the box. For this and many other reason even simple ones like being able to have the time and date. We will continue to develop our product, and to make it the best posible one on the market.

Thank you so much for all the great support that you have given us and we look forward to continue.


  • Life has many troubles and some of them are defined by climate. Maybe you are too hot on a summer’s day and wish you could take all your clothes off. Or, perhaps you are too cold during winter and can’t even send a text because your hands are too shaky from shivering.

Why we can apply this to our body?

  • A close look at the complex systems that keep us functioning can inspire awe. Such is the case with the body's complicated temperature-regulating mechanism. This intricate apparatus balances heat production with heat loss, keeping the body at a temperature just right for optimal function. This balancing act is directed automatically and seamlessly by the hypothalamus, a small portion of the brain that serves as the command center for numerous bodily functions, including the coordination of the autonomic nervous system. Much like a thermostat regulates the temperature inside your home, the hypothalamus regulates your body temperature, responding to internal and external stimuli and making adjustments to keep the body within one or two degrees of 98.6 degrees. Ref:1

How it works?

  • What if we could change the signal that our nervous system sends to the brain by using the Aircon watch to generate pulses of heat or cold. With this method we can make our body start to feel more aware of the temperatures and thus stabilize our sensations
  • According to a 2012 research conducted by Standford University, with a cooling glove, heat exchange is possible through the extremities especially the wrist and palms area. Ref:5
  • The Aircon watch maintains does temperatures, demonstrated in the test video, reaching the lowest temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and reaching a max temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. These temperatures do not disrupt the upper and lower pain threshold. what it does allow us is to reach faster surface cooling temperatures, 28 degrees Celsius or 82 F.

While the Aircon watch gives you the sufficient temperatures to allow your body to feel the changes, we have to remember that this pulse of heat and cold come in intervals of 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off.

This Method makes the battery last longer and by sending these pulses of temperature change your body can react each time as if it was a new sensation.

We have selected the wrist as the best possible place to use our technology, since a lot of major blood vessels and nerves are closer to the skin in this area of the body, and thus giving us the best chance to achieve the most effective temperature changes. (point, n.d.)

The pulse points. These areas of the body are most commonly known are very effective when trying to bring your temperature down or raising it, usually people run warm or cold water on their wrist to achieve this effect, but what we are proposing is similar to what WUSA 9 news tried during a segment earlier this year. project video thumbnail PLAY (wusa9 news, n.d.)




Watch Technique

  • The secret is in the straps, it contains a small device that has within it our ClimaCon technology. This tiny device will fit on the inner wrist in an area where the nerves are closer to the skin surface so as to allow for maximum transfer of temperature. The watch can be used during any temperature, any season or any time zone.
  • Imagine that you putting an ice cube on your pulse points (think wrists and sides of your neck) or running them under cold water will cool you down instantly. Since the blood vessels in those areas are close to the surface of your skin, the cold will bring your body temp down much quicker. Ref:6

Why does this technique work?

  • Abstract, Physical work, high ambient temperature and wearing protective clothing can elevate body temperature and cardiovascular strain sufficiently to degrade performance and induce heat-related illnesses. We have recently developed an Arm Immersion Cooling System (AICS) for use in military training environments and this paper will review literature supporting such an approach and provide details regarding its construction. Extremity cooling in cool or cold water can accelerate body (core temperature) cooling from 0.2 to 1.0 °C/10 min vs. control conditions, depending on the size/surface area of the extremity immersed. Arm immersion up to the elbow results in greater heat loss than hand- or foot-only immersion and may reduce cardiovascular strain by lowering heart rate by 10–25 beats/min and increase work tolerance time by up to 60%. The findings from studies in this paper support the use of AICS prototypes, which have been incorporated as part of the heat stress mitigation procedures employed in US Army Ranger Training and may have great application for sports and occupational use.




Your Place, Your Rules

  • Doing any outdoor activity most times depends on the temperature and the climate. On the other hand, being inside all depends on if your heater or air conditioner is on and using up electricity. The Aircon watch offers the convenience that you need by freeing you from an energy wasting air conditioner, never limiting you to the outside temperature, and all within the form of a small watch.

Office Man

No worries! As we know, there are many people wearing suits even in the summer time, or uniforms in outdoor work, now you have the solution.

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Outdoor Lover

If you go running or outdoor photography Aircon Watch could be your best friend.




One of the reasons why we developed this product was to help women during menopause. Menopause often has hot flashes which can be extremely annoying to the extent where it becomes painful. But what if you could get some relief from a small device that emits a soothing cool temperature.



Why we need it in the office?

  • It may be the middle of summer, but you’d never know from looking around offices, where, on the hottest days of the year, it’s not uncommon to see workers wrapped up in sweaters at their desks. As temperatures outside rise, most corporate office buildings become hermetically sealed, air-conditioned ice cubes, forcing workers everywhere to grab a Snuggie. In a study of government office buildings, for instance, 60% of workers complained of thermal stress–that they’re too hot or too cold in their workplace. Why can’t we manage to keep offices at a comfortable temperature? Ref.2
  • Men are fine in shirt-sleeves, but the women have to wear cardigans and scarves.
  • First, the metabolic rate varies enormously—depending on height, weight, fitness, the type of work, and of course, gender. Women usually have both lower height and weight, and a higher percentage of body fat than men. In fact modern researchers reckon women pump out about a third less heat than men do, and so don't need as much cooling.
  • The second problem is also obvious—women tend to wear lighter clothing, and expose more skin. In an office you don't often see a man's naked knees. Ref.2

Same Room Different Temperature

  • In the office or at home, everyone might have different temperatures.
  • Within a lot of research, we've found the answer.

Sleep Discomfort

  • Having those dreaded night sweats and you can’t turn on the air conditioner because your wife has cold hand?
  • Night Sweating and Cold Hands
  • If you suffer from night sweats and cold hands, you can now finally have a cozy night.



Outdoor Activities

If you like climbing, running, biking, outdoor photography, Aircon Watch could be your best friend.


  • Tested
  • The Aircon Watch has been tested with more than a hundred people and using several prototypes. Our experienced design team has worked for more than two years in research and development, to improve Aircon Watch and reach the design and level that we are at today.

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Charging Connector

5 Seconds
  • Aircon Watch can raise temperature in just 5 seconds, because we have improved the thermal electricity technology by using Climacon (patent pending) Technology, which is faster way to cool down the thermal system. There is a problem of the thermal pad, it releases heat when generating cold, this technology usually needs a heat sink to reduce the temperature of the pad to make it cooler. We have spent 2 years improving the reduction of heat, in order to make more efficient.


Global Warming

Global warming is gradually destroying the Earth’s entire ecosystem, so why not turn that A/C off and turn on the AirCon Watch. It most definitely will help keep your pocket fuller and your body cooler.


Thanks for the DOT team Javin, the world top 10 crowdfunding video team to help us to shoot our video, it was a really worth for it and the price is competitive in the market.