Design New Adventure Travel Pack & Modular Accessories



A highly-functional system designed to change the way you think about travel.



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Risks and Challenges

Welcome to Boundary’s 4th Kickstarter project since 2016. As all of our customers know, our goods are manufactured with a relentless attention to detail and a keen attention to our impact on the planet. Starting a crowdfunding campaign is terrifying and amazing but we are extremely prepared to procure fabrics, manufacture high quality products, and fulfill orders on time. We know what we are doing and you can trust our team’s experience, intuition, supply chain, and fulfillment team will deliver a product with unbeatable value, quality, and technical abilities. Manufacturing Risks: Let’s be honest, things happen. We at Boundary do our absolute best to mitigate these issues, but again, things happen. Timelines can be affected if say a machine breaks at the factory, power goes out, wrong parts are delivered, etc. Shipping Risks: This certainly has been one of the largest opportunities Boundary has had to improve from the past. As simple as it may seem, shipping Boundary products both domestically and internationally is a very intricate task! To improve this experience for customers of this campaign, and all future Boundary customers, we have implemented some large changes from our last few campaigns. International customers will now see a new payment process at checkout. During this process, customers will have the ability to prepay duties, select DDP vs DDU shipments, and have full clarity at checkout on what the additional fees and charges will be per applicable country. All shipments will be sent with the correct international documents to ensure smooth delivery to your final destination.

We aim to minimize our footprint by shipping fewer bulk shipments and sourcing components local to our factories when possible to minimize the impact. We also plan to ship in all recycled and plant based packaging to help offset the footprint from shipping globally.

Something Else

We are constantly looking to improve our supply chain and we are currently working on developing and using more recycled material into our projects