A Georgia for All Georgians A Georgia for All Georgians


In the wake of a tumultuous election season, after a “deportation bus” has toured our state and with polling places closing across rural Georgia, it is more important now than ever to mobilize voters. This project aims to do just that. This mobile art installation will be traveling around the state, engaging suburban and rural Georgians, and inspiring them to make their voices heard in this critical election for all of Georgia. Because hope is a stronger tool than hate.

The five artists of Living Melody Collective (Haylee Anne, Angela Bortone, Jessica Caldas, Danielle Deadwyler and Angela Davis Johnson) are partnering with local activist, Liliana Bakhtiari, to paint a school bus to mobilize the vote in Georgia.  In response to voter machine concerns, and voter suppression tactics like recent events in Randolph County, Living Melody Collective will draw inspiration from the history of voting rights and trace the changes in the voting systems through history from paper ballot to our current electronic system. We are crowd-funding this mural through Indiegogo and painting it in time for voter engagement leading up to the upcoming midterm elections November 6th.

For Living Melody Collective, this piece will be a natural expansion of their mission to create beautiful artistic disruptions for social justice and the community. This school bus project comes on the heels of a 32 ft mural for the Center for Civil and Human rights that addressed Dr. King's late work with homelessness and exclusivity filtered through the scope of the current housing crisis in Atlanta. Their partnership with Liliana Bakhtiari is a collaborative civic engagement through art. For the artists, this is not just a static mural but a mobile installation that will create a conversation around the importance of voting, and motivate people to engage. 

This project is a continuation of Liliana Bakhtiari’s platform of commitment to community, accessibility and equality for all humans. Liliana's 2017 run for city council was founded on the principles of positivity, equity and accessibility, building off of her extensive history of organizing and activism. She made national headlines as a queer, Muslim daughter of Iranian-Azeri immigrants and refugees during her first run for political office. As her next move after running for office, Bakhtiari bought this school bus in Bartow County to support progressive candidates, including Stacey Abrams for Governor during the midterm elections this November. 

What We Need

Our goal is $15K. This money goes toward supporting the artists who have already volunteered their time and supplied all of the high-quality automotive paint and other painting supplies. We also need to get this mural around Georgia, which means gas money. With your generous contributions, we will be able to make it to the outer limits of Georgia and engage voters every day up until November 6th.

The Impact

This effort is a continuation of Liliana Bakhtiari’s platform of commitment to community, accessibility, and equality for all humans. 

We are hoping not only to raise awareness around the current gubernatorial election, but also to bolster excitement for other statewide and down ballot races that have the potential to drastically impact Georgia's future and so often go un-noticed. It is important to us to reach people from all landscapes, all socio-economic backgrounds, and all ideologies. It is more important now than ever to unite as Georgians in order to imagine a better Georgia for everyone.