Need Funds To Celebrate Twelve Indian Feasts Recipes


Nandita's debut cookbook is a visually rich resource w/ 12 Indian feasts using 100+ unique & personal recipes. Designed for all levels of experience, it includes menu plans, shopping cheat-sheets & practical notes. Now on iTunes, Amazon & Nook

A Dozen Ways to Celebrate’ is a unique compilation of 100 decadent recipes that come together as twelve extra-ordinary Indian-themed feasts that you can recreate in your own kitchen. This cookbook:

  • Showcases authentic Indian eats and treats in dynamic and inspired ways with new pairings to create ‘made-from-scratch’ delicacies using simple store-bought ingredients.
  • Explores the Ayurvedic principles of eating ‘well’.
  • Makes Indian feasts ‘achievable’.
  • Inspires both the novice and the seasoned cooks through personal stories, tips, tricks, time-savers and diet-friendly ideas.
  • Celebrates Indian food as a balanced collection of complimentary flavors and tastes.

‘A Dozen Ways to Celebrate’ intends to be a cookbook that breaks away from the repetitive and standardized content otherwise found in typical Indian cook-books for the western audience. It revisits the exquisite and authentic recipes, flavors and techniques of Indian cuisine lost in the gauche and predictable landscape of ‘typical’ Indian fare. Each of these celebrations is a tested collection of dishes of a four course Indian meal that I have featured at a Curry Cravings dinner.

With recipes that create wonderful new standards and the suggested adaptations to help readers customize each feast to specific dietary or personal requirements, and a wealth of ideas for making everything, and making it simpler, this book is truly for everyone.

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Common Pantry and Spice Shelf Components

Chapters Three through Fifteen: A Dozen Ways To Celebrate
(Preview Menus')

Each chapter/ menu will comprise of a section each on:

The theme (region / season / subculture / pop culture or other)

The menu and its parts explained

    • Drinks
    • Appetizers: 1-3 per menu
    • Main course: 2-4 small plates per menu, and wine pairing where applicable
    • Dessert: 1 or 2 per menu

Recipes: including estimated calorie counts, alternatives to unusual ingredients & modifications for special diets such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free etc. as applicable.

Make-ahead treasure chest (cross references to appropriate recipes)

    • Dry spice mixes
    • Wet spice mixes (pastes and masalas)
    • Chutneys / preserves / jams, etc. applicable to the menu

Preparation and shopping cheat-sheet

Modifying the feast for an everyday meal

Suggestions for further reading and related activities

    • Table setting and food styling ideas
    • Stories and myths about this particular ‘theme’ or ‘cuisine’ or ‘celebration’, through suggested readings.
    • Activities and participation opportunities for children and guests.

Chapter Sixteen: Cross referencing index

Chapter Seventeen: Closing notes

Bibliography, resources

'A Dozen Ways to Celebrate' will first be produced as an

  • E-book in multiple formats

Producing this book is my commitment towards preparing a technically complete and visually interesting resource book. Every pledge goes directly towards making this unique product worthy of your time, your bookshelf and your kitchen.

To keep costs low, I will be bartering services with some of my professional friends. I have the skills to produce a print-ready file and am including those at no cost. I am estimating this project to cost $3,000 as detailed below:

‘A Dozen Ways to Celebrate’, e-book only.
  • Editorial & Publishing Costs: $2500.00
  • Limited professional photography: $500.00
  • Food-Photography & Graphic Design (In-house): $0.00
Total e-book cost: $3000.00

Print Book

Once an e-book is created, I know that supporters would love to have a print version of it to use in the kitchen. I would too!! For this, I estimate needing additional funds of $3750.

If this campaign is able to raise a total of $6750 or more, supporters at the $120.00 level and above will each receive one complimentary, signed, print copy of "A Dozen Ways to Celebrate".

Here is a quick snapshot of the rewards at each pledge level. Please review pledge details for more information.


Risks and challenges

I am confident that this will be a very resourceful book. It fills a void in the representation of the Indian cuisine. As a first of its kind, I expect to deliver a high quality product with both the e-book and the printed copies. For those choosing to attend a Curry Cravings Supper Club Dinner or host a private event, the experience will be truly unique. Prior to making a pledge, I invite those new to Curry Cravings to join me in conversations on Facebook, ask for references, view some of my previously published materials (linked through by bio. on Kickstarter) and peruse recommendations from clients and ex-colleagues on LinkedIn. I am a pragmatic and hands-on person. Given my past experience in project coordination and graphic design, I am as methodical with publishing as I am in the kitchen. Obviously, the biggest hurdle is obtaining the funding, since it is an 'all-or-nothing' approach. Once this hurdle has passed and as the project progresses, as with any project, I expect some hiccups along the way. For example I expect: 1. Initial teething pains setting up a Google+ Hangout and scheduling such with a national audience. 2. Project timeline overruns with the editorial team. 3. Coordinating dinner parties across the country. I believe that any of these problems are surmountable because I have a small core of close professional friends who have promised to help me through all of it pro-bono! In order to keep supporters abreast of progress, the reward levels include various interim products such as the monthly e-recipes and Google+ Hangouts. In addition, there are several ways by which supporters can stay tuned to progress on the book, and know that we will have a fantastic cookbook to look forward to: 1. Through the Curry Cravings Facebook page, supporters will be able to remain engaged in the process and have a common community to interact with. 2. I also remain accessible via email to all my supporters. 3. I also will be working with printers and proof readers who come with personal references, to ensure timeliness and excellence in quality. 4. In exchange for a mention, I am asking the photographer and food-stylist friends in my circle to contribute their time pro-bono, so I can get expert feedback. 5. I feel confident of being able to execute out-of-town events easily since I have done these previously. It will be my responsibility to execute this task well, a responsibility I will take very seriously. I assure you, you will be delighted with this venture that you are so generously supporting. Thank-you for your confidence in this project. I am looking forward to creating a wonderful resource for you!