Fundraising can be fun

We are excited to announce that we have raised thousands of dollars across the world on behalf of our causes and projects we want to say a huge thank you! big celebrations for supports by sharing our success stories those made real difference. Do you know that fundraising can be fun if you do it as group or community fighting for a right or wanting to start a non-profit organization? Let us share a story of our client who thinks it is fun to raise funds. I’m excited to share that me being an African woman, living in the USA, have developed a community of black people to fight for human rights and also provide basic needs and facilities like food shelter and water to abandoned children and old folks. For this, we needed to raise money because it was a non-profit organisation and it was impossible to commence it with zero cost. We needed initial investment to run it properly and make people aware of it by promotion and advertising. We were looking for investors when we came across gofundraising. At first, we didn’t expect it to actually raise fund without charging initial fee, which obviously we didn’t have. But as we read on about the purpose of this website, we were thrilled to know that this business is helping people to make their dreams come true and the steps to get fund as easy and free. This platform charges only 2% of fee from donations and the rest of it comes to our account which we can later withdraw. The easy steps make it possible to gave it a try. At first, we made a plan for our project in which we added the aims and purpose of our community and organization. We wanted to tell people that it is for the good cause and because of their donations we can change lives of the youngsters as well as old people who were abandoned by their children. Once we have made a plan and described it successfully, we posted it on our account. To be honest with you, we didn’t think it would raise many funds as several platforms promise to do the same but fails. To our surprise we actually started to earn money within fee days and soon enough we gathered the fund we needed to start a non-profit organization. We are grateful to everyone who contributed. Even our friends and families chipped in and we can’t thank them enough. We usually come across people who have the same intention as ours and we motivate them to raise fund through go fundraise as raising money with it is fun and easy” So this is the story of a customer who used our website just to give it a try without much hope. But when they see the result, they were thrilled and excited. We are happy that we can change people's life in such away. As the client told, we only charge 2% of the fee from donors’ donation and the rest of the amount goes to the client’s account which can be withdrawn when the funds are fully collected for the cause. If you have a cause same as the client then you can become the part of gofundraiaing. Also, if you want to become a donor and make a generous contribution, feel free to check out different projects that our clients have posted and select the one that you deem best. All of your money will be provided to the one in need, we will only charge small amount of fee because we provide the people in need a free service. We are here to help and we take pride whenever someone shares their success story with us that they achieved by our help.

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